Got two new cuttings, need help with IDs

rennet_gwMay 21, 2010

Here're pics of two cuttings I got from my university greenhouse a couple days ago, the plants were unlabeled so I don't know what they are although I've taken the liberty of guessing. Can someone help me out?

The quarter is in the pot for size reference.

Cutting 1: (Hoya bella?)

Cutting 2: (Hoya shepherdii?)

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I'm guessing you're right? Looks right to me. :) I'm sure others will know better than I, though. Just in case. :)



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Thanks Carolyn,
My only experience with Hoyas so far is with a carnosa I grew from a cutting, so I'm unable to identify these without them being in flower. Google image search has helped but I can only do so much with it.

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