What's for lunch today?

luuk(9b)April 9, 2014

Today I cooked a delicious dish, hosta plantaginea served on a bed of quinoa, with vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette.

I was a bit skeptical at the thought of eating hostas, but at the first bite I had a nice surprise, they are very soft and the taste is a bit sweet, I found them really really good !

I'm sure that many of you would prefer eat squirrels rather than your own hostas LOL
...I took only two pips

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Nice presentation, Luuk. Composition of the photo is good.

I'm an omnivore, but would not eat my hosta or my dog. Yes, I understand many cultures eat dog. Some eat hosta. I don't belong to those cultures.

Eating squirrel is a "few time" event for me. I think I've had squirrel and dumplings once and squirrel stew twice. They are aggravating little buggers, though. I wish I had a lot less of those than I do.

I enjoy your photography.


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jan_on zone 5b

Superb food styling, but I'm with bkay about not eating my pets lol!

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Looks pretty good, and I see no cooked carrots; an added bonus for me!

Don B.

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Don, have you been scarred with cooked carrots? I understand. I was scarred with beef liver.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i am confused .. kids are off school .... so that is normal ...

but i dont see any pips there ...

or are they the green petioles/stalks across the whole .???

i have tried a zucchini bread derivation at hosta college ... using some level of hosta... but then by that point.. it was just a zukie bread ... hosta making no impact on the basic recipe ...

i am surprised you didnt garnish with some shell-less escargot???

regardless.. beautiful looking plate ...


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LOL I guess 'scarred' is fair enough of a term to use, BKay. My mom would overcook veggies to DEATH, never had raw veggies growing up. I love raw carrots, and raw veggies in general. I would rather eat a live mantis shrimp than cooked carrots. Hope I never have to make that choice. : (

Are those vegetables steamed, Luuk? That looks like it was prepared for a very high-end restaurant; my compliments to the chef.

Don B.

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Luuk, I'm a meat cutter by trade, but that dish just makes my mouth water. If it taste half as good as it looks, then its really something!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

LUUK, that wonderful looking plate literally jumps out at you! Delicious! I bake all my vegetables (love veggies) on a regular basis - I am tempted to try Honeybells shoots...whenever they appear of a size to enjoy! It's a triple hosta so I can afford to nip off a few shoots (ouch) to try.

Thanks for the pic and the suggestion! Terrific presentation - I would eat that in a heartbeat! :-)

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Great presentation! Squirrel? Perhaps, although I think bits of hasenpfeffer added to your display would be more apropos.


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bk thanks, I well understand the traditional food culture. I was omnivorous until 2007, now I'm 46 years old (in june), the only regret I have is not having started earlier to be vegan. Change eating habits it is not so difficult, for me it was indeed an extraordinary experience.

Ken, I prefer escargots alive and kicking, ...preferably not on my hostas hehehe ...anyway I don't use products to kill them.

Gary assassin, you are a meat cutter? there are still people who eat meat? ;-)

josy67, thanks for the compliments. My advice is to try the Honeybells, I'm sure you'll like it, my plantaginea was soft and very tasty.

Jan and tj thanks, but for me all meats are inappropriate ;-)

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Don, the vaggies was sauteed for 5 minutes in a pan stone, I also like vegetables raw or almost raw, the plantaginea was boiled on water for 2 minutes.
By the way ...don't worry, there are no cooked carrots here!!!

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