The Canadian Exchange (Post have/wants!)

Ren_FlowersMay 7, 2012

As I'm sure all of you Canadian's know, you're not allowed to post in the Hoya exchange- how ridiculous! So let's work around this problem, as effectively as we can. Please read the guide lines to keep things working smoothly!

Posting Lists:

  • Please try to limit your posting to one post, so potential traders don't have to scroll through tons of convo.

  • Make two simple lists, however you would like. "HAVE:" & "WANT:"

  • If you have more then hoya to trade, by all means, list them!

  • If you have a major update to make, create another post. Please lable it: "LIST UPDATE" at the top. Don't worry about minor updates, you can address the changes when you are contacted for an exchange!

  • If you have young hoya you will be willing to trade in the future, feel free to list them. Add a time estimate until they will be ready.

  • If you are in another country besides Canada, let us know! Of course you may post lists as well. You should plan to pay for the extra shipping and a possible long wait at customs.

  • (Canadians who are willing to pay for the shipping charges to exchange with Americans should search the regular Hoya Exchange and make the offer there.)

Making Trades:

  • Make all responses through email if at all possible. (Remember to go to settings and give permission for members to send you emails!)

  • Start searching for trades at the end of the thread. As the thread gets older, updated trade lists will be at the end. (Save yourself time!)

  • Bullet point

  • It has been recommended to ship all cuttings dry! Without baggies or moist paper towels, which promote rot and fungus (ref: SRQ hoya seller.)

A few tips:

When the cuttings arrive: give them a soak in room temp water (let tap water sit out 24hr to 'flash' off chemicals.) I've known many who root in pure Hydrotone, Turface or perlite with great success. For best results, DO NOT use commercial potting mixes.

Use rooting hormone (powder) if possible. Make sure at least one node is under the potting mix, roots will only come from the nodes (just as new growth will only come from nodes.) Don't cover any leaves, but having them stick out or touch the mix is fine. Some simply pin down the nodes (with a rock) on top of the mix. Keep moist, but not 'wet.' Repot in Aprox. one month.

Others, still, root simply in water (works for the easy ones!)

Try to add humidity and a heating mat. Keep out of direct sun. Air circulation will prevent many fungal problems.

Above all else, research will serve you well! I don't have a large collection, but have found more information online then I could ever read. Good luck!

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Hi Ren Flowers

Excuse my utter ignorance here :)

I'm Canadian and may want to attempt trades. Are your suggestions above for posting in the Canadian Garden Exchange? Where is the Hoya Exchange that you speak of? The one that isn't available to Canadians? Perhaps it is right in front of me...

Kind regards
Kelly in Victoria

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The U.S. Only Hoya Exchange Forum (lol j/k I'm sure they are just trying to avoid appearing to endorse illegal cross-border transactions or something) is here. You can see the link on the main Hoya page, above all the threads (aka "Switch to Exchanges")

I believe Keiko is suggesting that rather than resorting to dumping your Hoya trade threads in the general "Canadian Garden Exchange" section, you should just do it in this thread, where all the Canadian Hoya people will see it.

And then, say, for example, another Brazilian showed up, Mitzi could start a Brazilian exchange thread.

I assume GW won't try and shut it down as long as it's just Canadians trading amongst themselves. Not sure whether or not they would feel compelled to intervene if people were openly discussing trading across borders.

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Well I think it is EXTREMELY nice of Ren to go to the trouble of making out this thread.... Unfortunately I do not have much to offer... I have only been into Hoyas for a few years and have purchased cuttings which are pretty slow at growing...
The only hoyas that I do have to offer - which is somewhat big enough to snip - is
H. Australis
Pink Silver Splash
and a Stephanotis (which is in the hoya family)

So that is why I didnt post - as I dont have a whole heck of alot to offer....But once my collection gets growing - I would love to participate!
Anyways thank you very much Ren for going to the trouble to help us Canadians! GREAT JOB!


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We in Brazil already have a "trade" for hoya in facebook, the main problem is that the collectors here (and I know all of them) don't have much things to trade!!!! And international trades are expensive due to the cost of shipment!

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lol. That remark about a Brazil trade thread was said "tongue in cheek" (joking). Because, as you know, not many Brazilians visit us here on GW. Although we like the one we have very much. :P

So, you are the only person you know of in Brazil who makes such a determined effort to collect new Hoya species?

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Hi GG,

No, I'm not the only one, Sonia, that post some comments here before, and some others friends make a lot of efforts to bring hoyas to Brazil, we are always buying and loosing cuts, I'm, probably, the only one that went to US to bring cuts, as far as I know, and I'll keep going as much as possible!!!! I'd love to go to Thailand, but it is a really expensive trip, and far, very far from Brazil!


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I do remember Sonia. I'm glad you have others who are going through the same process as you. You need a support group!

I can't wait to see the lush wildly growing Hoya collections you will all have in a few years. It may be harder to get them to arrive alive, but it will be easier to get them to thrive once they are there.

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Sorry, Canadians. I think I accidentally forgot the purpose of this thread and just let myself chatter on. Back to the business of trading!

"I may have been born yesterday but I still went shopping."

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