What Hoyas have u killed?

peanut01(7VA)May 28, 2011

I certainly do not like killing any plants. I typically have grown all my plants very well. But I'm wondering what Hoyas have given you all challenges.

I'll admit I have killed or not succeeded in rooting a few.

Rigida IML 1424(pretty much killed - idk y but first shriveled then yellowed then defoliated - waiting with fingers crossed for new growth(doubt it))

Cummingiana cutting - Did not root idk y maybe too moist during process

Variegated DS-70 cutting - Very small cutting attempted to root but never saw new growth - upset to lose this one since I love the scent of these blooms

Merrilli cutting(redish clone) - Developed new growth then died back and slowly lost one leave after another(I would love to get this one again)

Obscura cutting - never rooted very fast decline

I just wanted to share and thank you to anyone else. I've once heard that you haven't tried til u killed it at least 3 times. I never want to get there but would accept that statement as fact.


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Anyone other than Brad and I who will admit???


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I don't know if you should count a cutting that never took. I classify a killed hoya as one that had roots when it succumbed.

That being said, I have killed very very few. In fact, the only ones I can think of are parviflora (or whichever it is that has long narrow leaves instead of fuzzy leaves) and pottsii 'Cooper's Creek'. Parviflora went downhill really fast after I got it from Asiatica, so I'm not really sure if that actually had anything to do with me. But pottsii was all me. It was one of my early hoyas, I didn't realize that it wanted water more frequently than I gave it. It is testament to how resilient hoyas are, I think. (The low kill rate, I mean.)

Now if we were talking orchids, well, let's just say that number is much higher. Sigh. It's a learning curve. The so called easiest are actually the ones I've killed most. I'm about ready to quit growing phalaenopsis orchids. Give me angraecoids, all the way.

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I killed a DS-70 last year. It wasn't entirely my fault- my dear hubby thought it would like being out in the sun a while while some other plants were sunning and hung it on our gutter overhang. After a bit it rained, then got sunny again, and I think sunburned badly. It never was right after that stint, and slowly died back until it was gone. I think that's the only Hoya I've killed. If you count other types of plants, though, my kill rate is MUCH higher. I'm just getting back into Hoyas after a winter away from them, though, so there's always room for those numbers to grow! I'm just hoping I can manage to hang on to what I've got.

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Killed is a pretty harsh word. I guess with some cuttings it would be more suceeding or failing. I would say then that I only killed Rigida and maybe the Merrilli that formed a new leaf.

:( -David

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I have to agree with Quinn...after all a cutting is not a plant yet since there's no roots.

These are the ones I've killed that I remember.

1. Darwinii (my first one) this one I think I over watered.

2. Patella ( my first one) this one came from Asiatica and I didn't like the looks of it right from the start...plus the mix they used I didn't know how often to water it. I think it was doomed from the start.

3 & 4. Obscura and KP (these two I accidentally left outside and it froze...temps were in the low to mid 20's

5. Cv. ruthie

Not counting a few cuttings that either didn't root or declined quickly soon after :o(

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jakalfoshakal(8-9 NM)

many cuttings of preatorii, imperialis, monete,
plants, curtsii, bella, nummiliroides, tsandsii, although in my defense these plants were in EA mix and im in the desert. Not making excuses just saying:)
too many orchids to count, now i only play servant to a few that i cant bear to be without.

But i must say that those losses have provided me with a lot of experience and i finally got a preatorii to root this year. Its frustrating to loose a cutting/plant but the knowledge you gain is sometimes worth the loss.

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None. Ok, I know it's semantics, but I don't think I've "killed" any because it implies intent. I have had some die in my care, which was nothing short of altruistic. But we all have some that we try and try but can't grow, right? For me, it's mostly small-leaved species, much to my dismay. Picta, caudata, curtisii, serpens, loheri, linearis (I still have some hanging one!), retusa. I keep trying with most of these and figure I'll get them figured out one day.

The only plants I "kill" are truly hideous weeds, usually out in my garden. (Though I now think of the "Mother of Thousands" Kalanchoe as a true weed...) One I particularly hate (but absolutely love for pure beauty) is one I call "Evil Weed." I have no idea what it is, but I found it growing in my landscape several years ago and thought, "Oh, what a beautiful plant! Did I buy that as a perennial last year and forget??" So I let it grow. It's leaves reminded me of a houseplant called China Doll - do you know the one I mean? Well, it gets the prettiest little yellow flowers at the end of summer, but then it sets these hideous seeds that, when you pull the plant to clean up your landscape, literally hook into EVERY fiber of your clothing, hair, arms, legs... It's horrible. So now I "kill" this most beautiful weed by pulling it the moment I see it!!

Denise in Omaha

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I've only been at this for a short time so I'm sure there are others in my future ;) but so far the one I've killed was H. cumingiana. It had mealies on it, and I panicked. I sprayed it, I isolated it (and then neglected it too much, never a good thing), and I never figured out what it liked --- sun, shade, water, or to be dry, etc.

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Well, I didn't purposely kill any of my plants. Mother Nature took care of that for me. Central Florida is not supposed to get freezing temperatures. Well, last winter, and this winter the temps went down to the 20s. Winter of 2009 I lost a few hoya and about 50 orchids. This past winter we had to go to NY and I didn't have time to cover my plants (hoya and orchids grow outside all year) before we left.
Bad thinking. I lost over 100 of my orchids, and most of my hoya. Too many to count. Most were the large leaf ones that were about three years old, and getting ready to bloom. Now I have to start all over again. Little by little. I still have carnosa 'Krimson Queen', 'Krimson Princess' and carnosa compacta. They seem to be indistructable. Also carnosa 'Chelsea' is doing OK. The ordinary ones seem to be stronger. I can go on and on, but my 'goner' list is just too long.

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That's a bummer, Digger. Do you have a way to protect them when it gets cold? Covering probably wouldn't be enough for 20 degrees, I bet. And I imagine it would be tough to get them all inside... I keep telling my husband that I want to get a generator in case our electricity goes out in winter. Once in a blue moon, we have the kind of storm that will take out the electricity for an extended period of time. We had a storm in '97 that had some folks around us w/o electricity for 11 days - for us it was just a couple short stints of less than 15 hours each time. But I worry about what would happen if I couldn't keep my house above freezing for an extended period of time...

Denise in Omaha

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For me Hoya darwinnii has been a tough one and of the two times I have ordered cuttings I have been unable to root them before they quickly rot. Other than that I have not had many Hoyas die but there are a couple that seem really prone to mealies and because of that they are not in the best shape. Hoya elliptica is a mealie magnet and I am always fighting to keep it bug free. My Hoya megalaster and elliptica have been my most problem prone Hoyas.


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Haven't kiiled any hoyas as yet, but some have had 'failure to thrive', or would go through growth, die-back cycles that drive me crazy.

Cv 'Sunrise' never did a dang thing and I finally composted it. Serpens just...sits there, so I'm sending it across the country to a hoya savant. Retusa looked at me and I looked at it for 2 years, until I waved it over the compost pile...worked like a charm. Obtusa grew like a hot damn for the first year, and then went into a pout that she refuses to come out of. If I knew what I did I'd consider apologizing...Mathilde is doing the same thing.

I grow ferns as well, and have killed 2 this spring (head bowed in shame and regret).

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So many that I must count the labels that I kept to remind me that I did not suceed with that specie!


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@Denise---if it gets cold, below 40 degrees, I cover the hoya and orchids with old quilted mattress covers, sheets, blankets, etc. That works out fine, if you are home. Both times that we had the freezing temps, we were 1900 miles away, up north. We had family emergencies (death in family), illness of family members, engagement of grandson, and etc.
Now, this year we are going up north in October for a Sweet 16 party of a grandaughter. And we don't fly, we drive. LOL I don't think I have to worry about the temps this time. It's usually still very mild.
Once the plants are outside, I don't like to bring them in because of ants in the pots. I'm hoping this winter will be a mild one.

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LOL This sounds like the kind of thread I would start and then feel surprised no one wanted to answer. :P

Not counting cuttings I couldn't get started, Hoyas that have died in my hands are:

paulshirleyi (rooted cutting)
imperialis red (rooted cutting)
patella pink (rooted cutting)
erythrostemma 'Cotton Candy' (small plant)
deykeae (small plant)

I won't go through my list of perished cuttings, although I do keep records of them in my database. I have a 100% success rate on cuttings I've received from trades though, so everyone who has put their precious plants in my hands can rest easy. ^_^ Most of my dead cuttings are either ones that traveled all the way from Thailand or ones I acquired in fall/winter.

Although it super bums me out when I lose a Hoya, I suspect that other plants are already benefiting from the lessons I learned. Since I keep raising the bar, my statistics will probably never be perfect, but I really do get a tiny bit wiser with each experience. Wiser about plants, that is. Still dumb as ever about life!

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Klyde....I love your comment "failure to thrive"...clearly it is the hoyas' fault! Certainly not ours! LOL! I have to admit that I haven't cared too much about those who have "failed to thrive" since I did everything in my power....but there is one loss that will forever haunt me.....patella.....I had a beautiful specimen plant at one time...neglected it by accident and it perished. Now I have a puny little rooted cutting that has never done much....so that is my sad story!

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That's a bummer, Debbie. I agree that it's a very different experience when it is clear you could have done differently, versus when you're not sure what you should/could have done to please it.

I don't think I have any Hoyas like that (yet), but I definitely have a bunch of Gesneriad ghost plants I feel that way about.

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I just feel that it is important to learn from our Hoya and non-Hoya mistakes. If we see some common Hoyas listed here then maybe we could point out some that are more difficult to grow. It also points out where documentation comes in handy with growing any plant(ie Meyer's Lemon Tree in bloom as of 5/31;). This was a thread created late night that I normally would not have created. I think I had a little extra courage(or lack of filter) that night.

Maybe we should also point out "easy" Hoyas too while we are at it...


/GG - Every cutting I received from you have thrived. Do you do something special before you send them???

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I totally think a lack of filter makes for some of the most interesting stuff. Someone on the Gesneriad forum posted a video a while back where she teases apart a bunch of baby mini Sinningia for the first time, and all she does is set up a video recorder and go to town, chattering away the whole time. Cutest video out there! (And educational!)

There isn't really enough information about Hoyas out there that any blog or thread is a throwaway, but there is definitely MORE information surrounding "Voila! A bloom!" because at those moments, we know just what to do (grab camera) and say (w000000000t!).

Even though we know there are gems to be garnished from the failures, it's hard to document them in detail, hard to share them, hard to revisit them. I think most of us do keep track of our failures privately. Which is why your thread is so great - it might goad us to share those unpleasant wisdoms instead of hoarding them, or fessing up in twosomes. (Sure would be a lot easier to do if I didn't secretly suspect that someone else here would have had noooooooo problem with that pesky cutting!)

I sure didn't do anything special to the cuttings I sent you, David, but I'm thrilled to hear they are all thriving! Sometimes I think I should start threads to give people updates on how their cuttings to me are doing. Do you think that would be fun or awkward?

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A little of both. Fun when the cutting has grown well for you and you have good news to report. Awkward if you are either growing it better than the previous keeper or if it has died. It is hard to ask for it again when you already failed with one or others may be in line ahead of you. I already feel bad admitting that I failed with my Variegated DS-70 Merrilli, and Obscura cuttings since they were all from the same person :(I swear I did everything the same as I do with my others and they were in great condition when they arrived). Speaking of other threads there is a thread on the palm board about "palm mess" which is making me take a look in the mirror. hmmmmm.....

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Well I can add Hoya hypolasia to the list of Hoyas that have bit the dust chez moi. I noticed that one of the Thai growers mentioned that this Hoya needs high humidity and good air movement to thrive. I should have kept this one in my orchid case but I moved it out into the open and well the rest is history. This is one I will have to try again because it has to be one of the coolest Hoya flowers there is.


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But don't go thinking I have a green thumb, not "killing" any is only due to having just a handful of the "easy" ones! :)

Amusing post.

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/David Well, I'm in the process of photo-documenting all of my Hoyas at their current states, so maybe I'll think about starting a thread where we can post some of our trade success stories. Honestly, I don't know what happens with some groups of Hoya cuttings, but I know just how you feel.

lol That's an interesting "palm mess" thread. I like the way halfway down someone's like "The emperor has no clothes!" What's making you look in the mirror? Have you started a jungle that is making your wife protest?

It warms the cockles of my heart to get to read a thread where it's predominately DWs vs DHs tolerating the plant collection. ^_^ One of these days I'm going to realize my dream to match plant nut with plant nut and forge the doomsday Hoya collection. So, all you single Hoya lovers, please contact me for a 100 question survey.

/Mike Aw man. That just sucks about the hypolasia. v_v

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Is megalaster a difficult one? I ordered more than 5 times and did not succeed in any! How is your experience with megalaster?


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I'm not really sure how many I've killed. A few I can remember without looking are:

'Chelsea'(I forgot about it . . . for too long)
aff. flavescens
variegated kerrii
and I see a TON of tags across the room from me. :( Poor plants


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I keep the tags of all my dead hoyas.... I have a bunch of them!

Some I try for one more time, like Megalaster, others I don't!

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Me, too, Mitzi! Just never know when you might feel like replacing one . . . and knowing me, I'd totally forget what it was I once grew, if not for the "tags of the dead hoya" hehehe


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Those tags can also function as tombstones. Just add RIP to them.

/GG I thought that comment was a laugh too. The original poster is actually Palmbob from Dave's Garden. idk if that name is familiar to you but I have seen tons of pics online by that guy(amazing plants). I think the poster who made that comment is just jealous and doesn't understand that this is a plant/garden forum, and not a forum for marriage counselors. The only reason I was taking a look in the mirror is because of my jungle garden in the front and my 300+ house plants. My wife has no interest in plants. So I juggle being a good father to my daughter and fur babies, good husband, good worker, and good plant caregiver.


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I had a small pile of orchid tombstones but I could not bare to look at them any longer. Why do the intermediate/cool growers have to be so darn cool (as in amazing!) when all I have to offer is a warm apartment?

At least Hoyas are more forgiving than orchids. The fact that you can chop up a grumpy Hoya and nurse the cutting back to health makes me love love Hoyas even more.


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I think I'm killing some others hoyas right now. Brazil is cold as never before in its history, even inside the plants are soffering with this cold! I'm trying to maintain the plants warm but it is a little difficult since we don't have central heats, only portable ones, but I only have one, and I have plants all over the apartment!


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Good luck, Mitzi! Most Hoyas are pretty tough, and I bet most of yours, which managed to overcome the long long long journey to Brazil are feisty survivors! We have furnaces up here, of course (lol, it sounds so crazy to me that one can live without them), but a few winters ago our furnace kept going out and I was doing the same thing with portable heaters. I didn't lose a single Hoya, just lots of Gesneriads. >_>

How cold is it getting?!

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Hi GG,

Very cold for us, probably not for you! Around 9 Celcius, which is really cold for Brazil!!!!! During the night the temp goes around 6, it is too much for us! We are a tropical country! Never face this cold weather before..... this means that the climate is really changing!


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OT - @GG - Here is my small Virginia jungle in my front yard.

A little while back.

This is from 2 summers ago when I turned it into a jungle.


BTW - A twice restarted, once thriving, much loved Aleya obscura x lacunosa bit the dust. RIP

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So far I am guilty of murdering the following hoya plants:

Hoya Albiflora
Hoya MacG - the giant hoya
Hoya Shepherdii


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/David I actually found the spontaneous introduction of marriage counseling for plant addicts extremely interesting. Even those of us with the most tolerant partners and the most healthy negotiations would probably really benefit from having some professional advice tossed our way...

... just maybe not out of the blue off-topic like that, as though ones plant photographs were proof of horrible marital crimes LOL.

I'm lucky that my guy finds my obsession adorable and is interested in learning more about plants. And lucky that when we were arguing over which plant to request in a trade, sweetheart Dee sent us both. So, now he has his FIRST HOYA (which, of course, I am taking care of lmao, but it's HIS b/c as long as he has ONE Hoya that makes him equally guilty of all Hoya crimes, right?)

HOWEVER, we're still in the honeymoon stage of our relationship, and I consist of 95% cynicism and 5% dumb optimism when it comes to relationships, so I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Your yard looks gorgeous, though, and I'd be tickled pink if I had a husband like you.

/Mitzi I don't think you should be worried at all about those temperatures. That's really not too bad. Do you know which species in your collection are temperate? If I were you, I'd do some research, flag the warm lovers, put THOSE around the space heater, and just let the intermediate and cool-lovers tough it in their usual spots - they'll be just fine. But indoors, out of drafts and extreme fluctuations, they all should really be fine as long as you don't let them sit in too wet soil or something. The biggest thing with weird weather is that they are better able to handle it if you ease up on the watering a bit till it's over.

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