hindu rope hoya?

amber_m(5)May 8, 2012

hi, im totally new to hoyas and i found a hindu rope hoya that im very interested in purchasing, the only thing is that i cant find too much info about them when it comes to how people like them. how much different are they from a regular hoya? is this a good choice for a hoya beginner? im looking forward to seeing what people think. thanks for your input!

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Hey Amber :)

Hoya compacta (aka Hindu Rope) is really a matter of taste just like any other Hoya, I suppose, but I enjoy the style of your question. It rather inspires me to periodically throw out a "Hoya ______ - how do you like it?" thread just to see what jumps to people's minds.

There are two main things people say when it comes to compacta.

First, they always say "mealies like to hide in the crinkled leaves, making them difficult to exterminate." A lot of people don't grow compacta just because this ominous prophecy scares their pants off. But I don't think that's any reason not to own a plant. Mealies will find some goofy place to hide themselves regardless of leaf shape. It just means that you can't use spray methods to exterminate pests with this plant - you need to use something you apply during watering or if the plant is small enough to submerge, try drowning them out in soapy water.

The other main thing people say is that compacta apparently likes a bit more water than carnosa. I can't really comment on this because I killed my compacta Regalis. I had a hard time repotting it from the EA soil it came in and never quite figured out the pacing of watering it. I had the same problem with the carnosa Krimson Princess I got at the same time and I had to eventually pull out the remaining chunks and repot them. I know they 'fixed' the EA soil, but apparently I am still too dumb to handle it.

Personally, I don't find compacta so thrilling because it reminds me of some kind of magical spaghetti monster creeping out of a pot. But the majority view is that it's a unique fairly easy Hoya. There are easier Hoyas, sure, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad choice for most beginners.

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Hi Amber
I totally agree with Greedyghost. I have a rope, that is quite large, and I just battled mealy's. I checked today and they were back on the rope, none of my other hoyas. Had to tell everyone, so fed up I filled the aquarium half full of water, put in the alcohol and dipped the entire plant pot and all. Hope I didn't kill it, it is isolated now. They are nice plants

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I love my rope hoya. I've had 2 of them. The first one died shortly after I got it from the dreaded mealy bug. Watering and mealys are the 2 things you have to worry about with this hoya. The only thing I've found that will keep mealys off of compacta is systemic pesticide granules. You just put some in the top layer of soil and it makes the plant poisonous to mealy bugs and other pests. This will make your plant poisonous to people and animals too if they eat it so be careful if you have pets. As to watering I just keep my hoya just a bit more moist than my other plants. I still only water about every 2 weeks. I also keep a pebble tray under it to keep the humidity a little higher around the plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Systemic Pesticide

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ok now im a little worried about mealies... if i get a plant and it is without mealies... and i keep it inside all the time, what do you think the likley hood of me getting them is??? i would rather not have to treat with pestacide because i have both pets and young kids.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Amber,

I don't wish to bum you out, but mealies are a bit of an occupational hazard if one is going to collect plants.

I like this Hoya a lot too, was an early love of mine, but as I learned more about Hoyas, I killed a couple of these. Btwn killing a few & the mealies threat (very contagious in a Hoya collection, I've quit growing that H. compacta (Hindu rope).

I only grow indoors & once in a while they sneak in on a new plant. But as I have no kids or pets, I can use a systemic insecticide (which I did).

Other Hoya may be less of a magnetic for mealies, but there is no guarantee, sorry.

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I have such the opposite experience. My hindu rope is my only hoya I have not had to battle mealies on. I check it often since my others have them but none to date. Mine flowers twice a year with at least three peduncles and the flowers are long lasting, so pretty and make my whole house smell like chocolate! It is by far my favorite!!!

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These were my first hoyas and helped me build up to trying more temperamental varieties.

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This was my only hoya for years, way before I got hoya "crazy". Never seen a mealy bug on it!
Happy growing!


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I had a bad infestation of the mealy bugs and it did not effect my 3 ropes i have, almost all of my others got the bugs. it is always good practice when growing inside to inspect and isolate all new plants before putting them with your collection. I brought in an orchid that was infested not thinking they like orchids. I was sure wrong. Any how do not let them stop you from loving the rope hoya it is so pretty and interesting and a good add to any hoya collection.

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yea this sure has been a learning experience for me, at least when i started to get mealies and scale it was when i just started my collection... i love both the ropes i got and both the other two i got... the krimson queen and and krimson princess... cant wait to add to my collection... i think im gonna get one or two new hoyas every year, probably every year for mothers day... what a nice present huh? haha

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yeah once you get the hoya bug you wont stop i doubt you will be able to go another month without getting another addition! I would like to see a pic of the krimson princess. I have a carnosa that is like the regular strawberries and cream but the leaves are such a dark green they are almost black and I have not seen another one like it. I have searched google images trying to find it. I am wondering if its a princess.... I always get plants from my husband every holiday. I am a florist and have access to all of the new plants we get in before they get put out for sale. so my collection of plants has reached in the 80 count.....i am a plant hoarder....my ropes are a slow grower but the most cool to look at.

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