A couple months of growth (Pic dump)

rennet_gwMay 30, 2011

Even though my plants grow under artificial lighting year round, they seem to know when it's spring and start to put on tons of growth. It must be the increasing humidity or something.

Hoya imperialis:

This plant was directly under my lights for several months. It seems that the light was far too intense; the old leaves all fell off and the new leaves were stunted and chlorotic. In october I lowered the plant about 2 feet further away from my light which seems to have remedied the problem.




Hoya onychoides




Hoya macgillivrayi




Hoya ariadna



Hoya cv. optimistic



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Nice looking Hoyas! Where do you get that velcro tape or whatever it's called, from?

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Great growth! Just out of curiosity where did you get the frames that you have three of your hoyas growing on in your today pics?

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Wow, Rennet! Very cool! You're definitely doing something right!


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It's this stuff, I found it at a garden center.

The trellises are just from a dollar store. I cut them to size with wire cutters and stick them in a pot with the plant.

I only use these for larger hoyas like imperialis or macgillivrayi. The smaller ones get wire hoops I make out of dollar store wire fencing.

Thanks, it's taken a while to figure out where each of my plants likes to be with respect to my grow light, but I'm just starting to get the hang of it now.

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Thanks to you and Quinn I added a mylar emergency curtain to one of my shelving units and I have to say I do think the reflected light HAS helped! NOt seeing growth rates like yours though - that's just phenomenal!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Renee...EXCELLENT growths you've been having...Congrats! You are definitely doing right by them. Great growing!

Thanks for tips on some of your trellises. I will have to check my dollar stores.

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Thanks pug. Dollar stores are really goldmines of cheap hoya growing equipment. I think I got a pack of 3 trellises for a dollar. I'll be going back for more once my plants start to outgrow their hoops.

I've noticed something about H. imperialis from several of your pics though. It seems like there's a lot of variation in leaf morphology among clones of imperialis. I'm not entirely sure which clone mine is; it's from Aleya Garden listed as "Imperialis, Red", but the leaves seem much longer and thinner than those on yours.

It's really evident in this picture of yours:

Compared to this picture of mine:

I've also seen the same variation among pictures of imperialis online. There seem to be two types of leaf shape; an ovate form, and a long form.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

You're right Renee...the leaves on yours are different than mine. The problem is I have no idea exactly what mine is. I got it as a tagless unrooted cutting that I eventually got the correct ID for. Your leaves are quite different than mine. Would be interesting to see what the color of your blooms look like.

A few months after that picture was taken I re-wrapped those vines as they were so Top heavy I was afraid it would fall over on a windy day,lol...Now its much more balanced.

BTW, what is the name of the Dollar store that sells those trellises? I've looked at a couple of them and haven't found them...There's so many different ones,lol...

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Love the comparison pictures, Rennet. Thanks so much for sharing them - it's very cool to get a clear measure of how these plants are performing for you.

I don't think I am quite ready to put up mylar, (given where I grow my plants), so I'll have to enjoy this fast-forward style growing vicariously, for now! ^_~

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Thanks for the great tips Renee, watch out dollar store, 99 cents and up and Biglots, here I come!

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The dollar store is called Dollarama, but it's Canadian so I'm not sure which stores in your area would stock the same items.

I've been reading up on some differences in H. imperialis morphology and it seems Ted Green's website lists a bunch of them, although I'm still not really sure which one mine is. There really doesn't seem to be any authoritative classification though, it's likely that the differences are just natural variation between collected samples.

imperialis, Lindley
3", violet-red, thick flowers; 8-l0 on a heavy, drooping umbel; leaves to 12", light green with smooth edge, on a robust, heavy vine.

var. alba
Flower as the type except that it is white with a slight greenish tint.

var. Palawan
Flowers and growth as type but flowers may be golden yellow with some pink blush or sometimes reddish - quite variable. Palawan, Philippines In Sweden this is erroneously called var rauschii.

var. Dark Form
Plant and flowers like the type, except the color is much darker violet-red.

var. Mary's Pink
Plant and flowers like type except the color is a handsome pink.

var. rauschii
Flowers much as type except color is maroon with paler corolla than type and corolla lobes narrower than type.

Thanks, I really hope these plants keep up their pace. The imperialis and the macgillivrayii have both started forming peduncles, although I don't see any flower buds just yet.
With any luck, I might get one or two flowers out of them sometime this year. I'm mostly hoping to see some flowers from macgillivrayi though; every photo I see online looks spectacular.

No problem, there's always lots of stuff in dollar stores that you can repurpose for growing stuff. Just yesterday I picked up some rubber coated wire, I'll be using it to help train growing vines that are too delicate or too short to tie to the trellis.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Rennet...I keep forgetting you live in Canada...maybe that's why I can't find them at my dollar stores,lol...thanks anyways. I'll keep checking just in case.

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