Eurohosta order arrived today

tiddisolo z8 Wales UKApril 10, 2014

This was a test order from a new supplier with very cheap prices in the main.
I'm not overly pleased with what I got but then I'm not completely disappointed either.
Some are very obviously very recent TC plants which should have been grown on for at least another year before selling.
Other have been divided from quite substantial plants.
All have good root systems and provided I can give them the care and attention they deserve then they should grow on nicely.

The 14 plants cost me 86 Euros including shipping, that's $119 US or $130CA.

Now for the pictures. I think the labels are clear enough. If not ask away.

Just out the box, plenty of moist paper, labels ok

And potted up.

Tell me what you think, I paid almost the same price for H. Rhino Hide and H. Autumn Frost as charged by the Dutch suppliers but got very small plants. I guess it would be better to buy established varieties from here and get the newer ones from Fransens or Van den Top.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I'm not a harsh critic of mail order hosta - what do I know as I don't mail order....but what I will say is this... YES!!! Love to see what everyone is getting. They all look good and your sentiments are logical...I definitely agree with your last statement.

As far as cost goes, compared to what we pay here in Canada, IMO you paid less than what I would have to pay for all those 14 hostas. If I average $15 / hosta I would have paid $210 or more.

Nice haul as we say in hosta speak!

Gosh, I live for everyone's shopping sprees! LOL

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Very nice plants! I agree with Josephine, they look very good for the price paid. The roots are very nicely sized and don't look like recent tissue culture to me.
I am jealous!!! Can't wait for ours to come up here in Canada. :)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

This was a test .... I'm not overly pleased with what I got but then I'm not completely disappointed either.

==>>> if it were a test ... then i guess you accomplished your goal ... so how can you not be pleased ????

they are hosta .. they will grow .. so how can you not be pleased ...???

you want bigger stock.. then pay more. and get it ...

but to say.. that you went cheap... on a test .. and got rather good looking small hosta.. is a bit disingenuous ...

i used to order small stuff for price.. and bigger stuff.. more expensive for impact ... and i never complained.. because i knew what i was getting into ... thereby.. in my warped world.. getting twice as many .. lol.. how many mattered more than size ...

as i like to say.. i have more time than money.. so i can wait for them to grow ....

congrats on the haul.. revel on it ... you have nothing to complain about ...


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Not too bad, Dave. What I notice is most of the roots look good.

Don B.

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stoc zone 6 sweden

They have some nice root systems.Is that a pocket knife in the photo? Some are on the smalish side.I'm going to stick with VDT.Thanks for posting as I thought some of their prices were too good to be true and wondered what you would get.Thanks for taking one for the team so to speak:.Shipping to Sweden is ridiculously expensive or I might have tried them myself.

I hope they grow well for you!


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bkay2000(8a TX)

They look good to me. The root systems are good sized on all of them.



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mary4b(4b WI)

You have chosen some real beauties there!! They are beautiful. Nice and healthy, well packed and labeled. The roots look pretty good and abundant. I'd say at less than $10 a piece including shipping, that's actually pretty good. Inniswood even has 4 eyes.

If you consider your gas/time and the remote possibility of you finding all of those plants locally for that price, I think you'd decide that this is quite good. Also, they are nicely wrapped and packed...
I understand about the mixed feelings, though. Most of us like to feel like we got a deal unless the hosta is super rare/hard to find.
If you know you prefer to have your socks knocked off with size, are there any known vendors who sell only field grown? It seems like tc is always going to be small and obviously younger.
Myself, I'm not getting any younger, so I'd rather pay a bit more and have a larger plant. For that reason, I seek out the vendors who are known to ship large sizes, field grown. After growing liners and finding that I'm not that great at it, I've decided that I'd rather pay a bit more and have more impact right away.
We all find a way to justify what we do, if we even need to justify it.

Good job getting them all potted up! It's kind of fun to spread them out, document the arrival with pics and post here for all of us to admire!

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mountainy man z8 Ireland

thanks for being the guinea pig and for your pics. I would not be dissapointed with those plants at those prices in fact your Blue Mammoth looks fantastic look at them roots, I would guess that one will be 4-5 eyes next year. some do look like liners especially your second pic but the rest look a bit more advanced than them with more that a single eye.

The smallest ones you got are about the same size that i got in my order from Bali-Hai in Northern Ireland and he is much more expensive than Eurohosta and the exchange rate didn't help either.

I did make a "mabey" list from their site and may just order it, they have a lot in the 1.50-5.00 euro bracket and these are a lot of the more common ones I don't have yet.

I would agree with your last statement but as I am only starting down this road the new varieties are a bit expensive for me and will continue to buy the old tried and tested ones, I suppose I will be continually be playing catch up as the new ones get cheaper as the years go on.

I hope they grow well for you and wish you many eyes next year.


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