Fruit trees for Tampa bay area

captstinky(9 WCentral)September 5, 2010

So my lovely dear wife has finally jumped onto the 'lets produce more of our own food organically wagon' (I may get more help pulling weeds this year:)

We have a veggie plot roughly 20x60, its growing a bit annually- and citrus, sugar apple, bananas, muscadines, a nectarine, passion fruit, avocado, bees and chickens. Our neighbors have star fruit, lychee, and mango, so we trade at times.

What other fruit trees are worth getting into for this area? We were looking into varieties of peach or apple, but are having trouble locating a local nursery for good advice or trees. I saw a peach at one local place, but they wanted 150.00 for it. I can't go for that, especially after getting the nectarine tree by chance for $15.00 at HD. Also, I've never mail ordered anything bare root and had it do well, so we'd shy away from that...unless it were the only option

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

I don't see papayas, figs or pomegranates on your list....?

Macadamias & pecans grow here as well.

& I know grapes & brambleberries/blueberries aren't trees, but they're productive & easy to grow.

IFAS & Floridata have lots of good info on dooryard fruit production.

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Watch the Lowe's and Home Depot at end of season (maybe late this month). I was able to get several Florida peach trees that were 5-6 feet tall for next to nothing a few years ago. They are doing fine and have had peaches each year. I know a lot of folks don't like the big box store trees but when they sell them that cheap, well buy it.

Tell me, how are your sugar apples doing? I planted two this year in containers and, while they are growing somewhat, not much yet. How long until they fruit? The fruit looks appetizing online, which is why I planted it, having no prior experience with it.

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olyagrove(z9 Tampa, FL)

Persimmons ...yummy persimmons. I am in Tampa and after four years of having the tree, this year it is covered with fruit. It has flowered second year in the ground, and set fruit the third but none held on, and this year, I guess it was mature enough. So yeah, persimmons grow in Tampa! :)

Not trees, but what about blackberries? I just got Natches Thornless on clearance at Lowes in South Tampa - they had blueberries (Emerald and Southern Belle) and Natches for 3 dollars a gallon!
Lowes also had grapes - Muscadines in large (me thinks, 5 gal?) pots. On sale where raspberries (with thorns), figs, and concord grapes, 5 each.

I have a few pomegranates in the ground. This year one fruit set and dropped , but the tree is still young.

I had one Natches blackberry fruit this year, huge tasty berries.

And of course, blueberries...tasty tasty blueberries.

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captstinky(9 WCentral)

Yes, we have three papayas, and one fig- I couldn't see them out the window I was typing near, LOL. Also a sea grape, but not sure that counts... :)

Blueberries keep dying, we've tried them twice. I got a load of chipped pine, about 5 or 6 yards worth this summer, letting it break down, and may try planting in that next year, our soil wants to be naturally about 7 pH, so the pine might help with the blueberries. If I can get one more load of clean pine, I will certainly go for them again. We did a you pick em and what we didn't eat we made into wine....

The sugar apples are SOOOO good. Fortunately, I am the only one that has the patience to eat them!!! It froze to the ground this past year, but has come back two fold. I have not seen any buds/fruit, and this is year two for us. It might be a regrowth year, and next year produce...I will certainly wrap the trunk if we get a comparable winter. They do grow from seed, and I did not have great success from cuttings. We got the plant from the USF plant show.

I am familiar with floridata and ifas, but sometimes - well locals can give good advice.

My wife volunteered today to start transplanting a large beg of 4 o'clocks, to increase the garden-I'm in awe. So happy she's got the garden bug...I want to see her face after she starts diggin those tubers, and they come back up in the spring though :)

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

OK here's my 'local' tip: Every year I wait to buy @ the Green Thumb Festival in St. Pete - it's @ the end of April & my favorite vendor is J.A.Dodson Citrus & Tropicals. They're online, but their inventory & prices are much better @ the festival. Everything I've bought from them has done beautifully: Rio Red grapefruit, Daytona grapes, Misty & Oneal blueberries, Ponkan tangerines & this year, a blood orange I can't recall the name of right now.

I never spend more than $10 - $15 per item (often way, way less) @ the festival & have gotten figs, blackberries, herbs & lots of other things from the various vendors there - best deals around!

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Thumb info

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Did anyone mention MULBERRIES ? once they grow a bit they propagate themselves, maybe because the birds love them.... and I love them also, I tie the whips down so I can reach the berries..... yes, the Green Thumb is a great place to get most anything growing, for this area... I took my little red-wagon, and my granddaughter, and we filled it full plus what we could carry..... this area of Fla. is great, we can grow stuff from further south also things from further north, we are sort of a middle-ground for horticulture.... sally

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Pineapples ... Buy them at the store, take off the top and shove it in the ground. Eat the fruit :)

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I'm growing Jujube, Cherry of the Rio Grande, Grumichama Cherry, Lychee, Canistel, Elderberry, Loquat, Mulberry, Avocado, Fig, Citrus, Mango, Macadamia nut, Papaya, Peach, Apple, Apricot, Nectarine, Pear, Persimmon, Plum, Pomegranate, Kiwi, Pineapple, Olive, Banana, Prune, Cocoa, Paw Paw, Star Fruit, Tamarind & Grape. Probably a few others too that I can't remember. I have a 2 to 3 acre orchard and some greenhouses.


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I`m growing Fig,Papaya,Kiwi Gold,Peach,Pomegranate,
Pineapple,Mulberry,Banana,Grape,Passion Fruit.
I need 3-4 acre land.

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I also recommend Green Thumb, but my favorite nursery is Jene's Tropicals on Central in St Pete. Jene has a tropical fruit tasting usually in July that is fabulous!

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I got your email about the thousand finger banana. But your email address is still hidden to the system so I cant reply to you. Please update your settings. I am still looking to get thousand finger banana.

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I have extra 4-5 mulberry cuts already putting out roots.I am in Tampa if anyone need.

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any luck on the 1000 finger banana?

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