Finally made the trip to SRQ Hoyas

teisa(6)June 9, 2013

So, Ive been planning to visit SRQ Hoyas the next time we were in Florida. I finally got to go last week!! She has an AMAZING collection! I could have stayed forever taking everything in. She had so many plants that I had never seen in person plus most were in bloom!! This was my first time meeting Joni and she was such a sweetheart. I am very grateful for her to allow me to visit her home/growing area and select my Hoyas. Thank you Joni!

The Hoyas I got were:

H. Caudata
H. Subcalva
H. Rubida
H. Onychoides
H. Potsii
H. aff Chuniana
H. Bicknelii
H. Diptera (splotched)
and a very cute Noid

Then on the way home I found Dragon Fruit plants for sale. Ive always wanted to grow these. So I got several cutting of those and 2 cutting of Vanilla Orchid.

And my first day home I received a box from a very kind Clivia Forum Friend. She had mailed me 9 Gorgeous Clivias.

Now these last couple days have been busy potting plants! That is why it has taken me awhile to get this picture posted.

Ive never grown any of these Hoyas so any suggestions, I'm all ears....

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Very nice!

I've never taken the opportunity to pick Hoyas in person. But I'm moving to that area in less than two weeks, so maybe after we get settled, I can treat myself.

Were you on vacation?


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Nice hoyas Tess!! You have some very pretty varieties there...Good luck with them :o)

Renee, nice to have you moving closer to the Center of the state, though it sounds like you'll be on the West Coast...I live a couple of hours south of Orlando, but used to live in Bradenton for 12 years just a few minutes north of Sarasota where SRQ Hoyas is located... Your winter will be several degrees warmer for you than in N.Fl.

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Congratulations on your haul. They look just gorgeous!!

Most of those require pretty general care. The only specific remark I have is that when I keep my caudatas in an aquarium, they grow like gangbusters. You could probably say that about any Hoya, but it's more interesting with caudata, because some people have trouble with it acting like a plastic plant. It's not fussy at all, or in need of pampering, like some Hoyas I could name >_>, but it can be slow without extra humidity.

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Thanks Everyone. Renee, yes I was on vacation. We stayed in Orlando a week 1/2, then drove down to Sarasota. I would LOVE to live in Florida. When you get the chance, I highly recommend going to SRQ. Joni is very nice. Its an experience you will remember forever. I saw Hoyas in bloom, that I will never get the chance to see in person again. She grows Beautiful plants.

GG, I appreciate the heads up on Caudata. I had read up a little about it. I knew several people grew it in an aquarium. So thats where it will probably reside. I was a little leary about getting cuttings. I have very little experience with Hoya cuttings. Ive rooted all of 2 prior to going there!!! But luckily I was able to get mostly plants. Plus I didn't know how the cuttings would do in the hotel 4 days and travel home! But thankfully they seem to be dong very well.

Pug, you have a great collection! I was happy to see you still growing (and blooming) when you posted this month. And your Signillas blooms look different from any I can find on the internet. Is it maybe they are just fully open and others havent opened completely yet? Or is there different IMLs like Caudata has?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Tess, NO, it isn't a different clone...its the normal Sigillatis as far as I know. It was definitely the way I took the picture...I think it was just starting to open and that's why it looked like that,lol...just took it at the right time I guess.

I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago...but it says: "(PLEASE NOTE: The member responding to your post has chosen not to reveal his or her email address. Therefore, you cannot reply to this message via email.)"...if you would like to send me an email my email address is on my Page...Thanks!

Here's a picture I took a while back and you can see the picture is very different than the one I posted above...

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Thank you for letting me know about the email!!! I had to update my email and GW had to change it for me. I bet it got changed then. I email with others but we've been emailing for awhile.

Ill change it and send you a PM.


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