Speaking Of Old Friends.... :)

moonwolf_gwJune 13, 2011

Hi everyone,

Grmadarr's post has inspired me to share as well a story with all of you. I've done it again! I've gotten a friend interested in hoyas! I went to high school with her and after telling her the story of how I got into hoyas and named my carnosa Nikki (she was close to her too), I asked if she wanted cuttings and she said yes with such delight!

I'm already working on a care sheet for her when I send her the cuttings. My cup overfloweth with happiness :) .

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Neat! I'm always trying to get people interested in Hoyas, but they mostly look at me like I'm crazy or a little unstable and decline politely. lol

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This is also the reaction I get, Kids. I swear, you offer people a simple tomato plant and they back away from you like it's an STD.

Oh wait, that's supposed to be STI now, isn't it? As in Surplus Tomato Incoming!

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