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Julia NY(6)November 29, 2012

I know alot of you have cats with some indoor as well as outdoor. A couple of weeks ago a cat showed up at our door. Took her to the vet and had her checked so she is healthy, very friendly and already has been spayed. Either she is lost or someone dropped her.

My question is that I've noticed that she appears to be making some parts of the garden her potty area. Is there a "safe" method to deter her from using my garden as her potty area? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

We've continued on the roller coaster of temps here. One day we have freezing temps with snow flurries and then we seem to head back to the 50's. Thanksgiving day was unbelievable with temp in the 60's.


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Most cats don't like orange peels. Also, there is a product (plastic) called Scat Cat. You attach it to areas you don't want the cat to use. It consists of several little areas of plastic with tack like protrusions...but since it is fairly soft plastic, it doesn't injure, just is unpleasant to the cats.

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Cindy zone 6a

That is wonderful that you took her in. It's good that she was already spayed. Wish they could talk to us, wonder what her story is.
I tried the orange peels , but they did not work when they dried up, which was pretty quickly. What I would do is stick in pieces of mesh wire. Dont' have a picture of that. I didn't lay it flat,and they would avoid it. If I had a larger area I would lay bird netting over it, until I planted it. They hated the bird netting and avoided it. They seemed to go in areas that were freshly dug. Guess they always thought I was doing all that work for them!!Then I would place rocks, and whatever over the open ground, until things filled in. It also helped that I keep a litter box in the garden room, and one in the garage. They would use that, but not always. If she had been an inside cat, then you may have luck with the kitty litter.
Hope you find what works for you.

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Julia NY(6)

Thanks Kay and Cindy. I do have some hardware cloth (screening). Do you think that will work? I should keep the clementine peels and toss them out there too.With all the area she has to wander you'd think she would go out in the field somewhere or down in the old veggie garden area.

I started last night bringing her into our mudroom where I placed a litter box, her food/water, an old wooden desk chair with a towel on it next to one of the windows because the nights are so cold and we do have coyotes here.


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Maryl zone 7a

It is so wonderful of you to take her in. I would imagine that for awhile she will be slightly off kilter from the shock of finding herself lost or abandoned. I think the gradual introduction of her into the house with a litter box is a great plan. I adopted a cat in a similar situation,and over the years have acclimated him to being inside more and more, particularly at night when the preditors and other male cats roam. To keep him and strays out of my garden I've used the 1/4 inch wire mesh on the dirt between rows, or in the case of seedlings, I arch the mesh just enough to allow the seedlings to grow, but not high enough for a curious cat to get under......God bless you for your kindness.....Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

Thanks Maryl. We got snow today so I'll have to wait for Monday's warm up to put something down.

She is adjusting and so are we. LOL.


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