why lug hose????

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5April 22, 2011

this is for harryshoe .... based on his complaint in a different post ... and for the rest of you also ...

my first irrigation system cost about 10 bucks at the hardware [i already had a million feet of hose] .. and a little soldering ... eventually gave it to the neighbor.. that is my yard and house on the other side of the fence ...

attach to a fence post .. or pound in a stake.. dedicate some hose for permanent attachment ... and ONLY drag small segments of hose ...

come winter.. detach and store appropriately ...

if you want multiples.. in line.. not for multiple usage .... but for multiple locations... then you would use a different bottom connection ... you would T off just above the lower 90 degree bend ... and put the appropriate male/female coupling ...

the idea was/is ... the hose attached to the house.. and laying at the bottom of the fence.. is the oldest hose.. and NEVER moves.. for the season .... then all you need to lug around.. is a shorter piece... because your spigot is so much closer ... in this pic.. the neighbors house is about 100 feet from her veggie garden ....


the top

the bottom

and an additional benefit is hose storage.. lol

i gotta tell you.. i am so proud of this brilliant insight oh so long ago.. just proof positive.. that even a blind nut can find a squirrel some times ....

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Hey, I don't lug it either- I just leave a hundred feet of hose laying all over the yard. Looks greeeeeaaat! My husband complains about it all the time but I am so lazy about rolling that thing up. The stakes are a great idea....actually, I should really think about doing that in a couple spots. But even the shorter lengths will probably still end up laying all over the ground when I'm done with them, who am I kidding.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Nice system Ken. Thanks for the idea. I might try something like that for the back beds.

Most of my hosta are in the front yard. I don't want hose laying across the front yard. I would have to dig it in. When I finished it would rain every day for 3 months. Kinda like it is now...

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indyrose(z5 Indianapolis)

I buried my regular garden hose just under the surface of the lawn to reach out to the back garden about 200ft away. In the fall, I blow out the line with compressed air, to keep water from freezing and bursting. I just let it stay there -- it's in its third year now.


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Windhaven(5- Midstate IL)

Great idea Ken! My yard is too big to drag hose all over the place so I think I'll make some "stations" that can be connected when needed.
Indyrose, did you buy specific hose and how deep did you bury it?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

indy .. regular hose is not going to age well underground.. and is ridiculously more expensive than plastic pipe ...

one inch supply line.. at the link is $85 for 250 feet!!!

so when your hose fails.. if ever.. go with this type stuff ...

its a different tutorial from this one .... but rather simple ... down one fence.. elbow ... across the back .. second elbow ... to an end cap ...

insert a 'T' fitting facing up.. and attach a 3 foot piece of same pipe ... then a 45 degree angle fitting ... and a regular threaded spigot ...

the only trick would be the house connection ...


Here is a link that might be useful: 1.06 ID x 1.20 OD Polyethylene Tubing 250 ft.

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Ken, you wouldn't mind driving down to Missouri and rigging one up for me would you? lol


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Windhaven(5- Midstate IL)


how deep does it have to be as far as a worry with freezing?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

why bother burying it??? in my z5.. frost free is like 38 inches down ... crimminey.. i am not hiring a backhoe ...

and that is why i suggest running it down the fence line .. on top of the soil .... it disappears to the eye ... and if you want to make it disappear

or dont have a fence line .. and do want to bury it .. for say.. lawnmowing.. you just need get it under the grass ... a couple inches or so ... straight shovel ... cut line.. turn over 6inch wedge ... insert pipe.. stomp grass back down ...

if you have any elevation change.. all you need do.. is put a drain in the lowest area.. and you would not even have to blow it out .... gravity rules!!!!!

if your yard is perfectly flat .... you would need to have it blown out ...

and you might want to do something about some other things.. but i am not going to waste time until you get that far ... its all minor ...


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Windhaven(5- Midstate IL)

Thanks for answering Ken. DH brought me home a couple hundred feet of black hose ( left over from a job )and I'm going to run that around the fence for the time being and possibly put down the pvc in the future. I have a feeling that this will be a year that we'll need more watering done.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

this all had NOTHING to do with pvc ...

that is a hard product which needs to be glued ...

polyethylene is not

and you are welcome...

and that is a good hint for the peeps... bigboxhardwarestores .. sell hose by the mile.. no need to buy the more expensive prefab hoses...

5/8 hose.. a 5/8 90 degree turn ... a T ... etc ....

and one other hint.. the bigger the diameter of hose/pipe .. the faster the water comes out ... one would think higher pressure with smaller hose.. but it actually works out that the friction on smaller hoses.. slows it down .. whats that all about.. freakin physics.. lol ...


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cyn427 (zone 7)

When you head to Missouri,Ken, you may as well turn southeast after that and visit northern Virginia, too. Lovely this time of year and hoses galore. We could keep you amused rigging up that system for days. :)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

bumping this one up

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Ken.....I have a good expression for you. Feel free to use it any time:


Every time this thread gets bumped up, I am inspired to do something, anything, to get rid of the spaghetti mess of hoses in our garden. Hubby has one idea, and I have another, so each drags it someplace else. How sweet it would be to sort of cover all our bases without digging up the whole yard.

Like somebody mentioned earlier, I think we'll need handy hoses a lot this year.

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Oh Lord I need to do something like this.
I have three 100 foot hoses strung together and it's killing me.
With quick connect fittings life could be a breeze.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

Hubby has one idea, and I have another, so each drags it someplace else.

==>>> then divide the yard in half.. and challenge each other to find a solution ...

the problem with quick connect hose thingees.. is that each one.. restricts the size of the hose [e.g. 5/8 inch hose. and 1/2 inch thingee] .. substantially ... so that over 300 feet.. you are probably cutting your pressure.. as well as the amount of water being delivered ...


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