clipping toenails

marricgardensNovember 30, 2011

I have an australian shepherd who hates having her toenails touched so clipping her toenails is always a chore. We bought one of those clippers that vets use because we don't want to cut to much off, she's a bleeder. It takes two of us to do her. She's not aggressive, just doesn't like her toenails touched. I take her on the couch with me and try touching her feet and she's o.k. with that, then I give her a treat to reward her for letting me. Is there something else I could do to calm her down? She used to be the same about having her head touched when you petted her but she's getting better with that. Marg

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I don't know how this appeared on the daylily forum, sorry. It was supposed to be on the Pets forum.

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Ah, so that's not the name of your latest registration after all. I'm glad that's been cleared up! ;)

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Marg, I have 5 shelties and have been handling dogs for years. If you send me an email I will send some info that might help.


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