This bug is eating my Money Tree

jane__ny(9-10)October 26, 2011

Came down to Sarasota from NY with my houseplants. They have been outside on the patio. Over the past month I noticed my Money Tree leaves were being nibbled on. It continued to get worse, I couldn't see any bug.

Picture of my healthy tree in NY

Poor tree now

Notice bottom leaves

Yesterday I found this silver/grey bug. I only saw one. Could this be the culprit?? I found another on a dendrobium:

Sorry for the poor photos but this bug ran fast.

Please, any advice on this bug and what I can do.



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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

That bug was discussed earlier on this forum - it's a kind of weevil...

Here is a link that might be useful: What's this bug?

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Thank you for the link. Quite a difficult bug to kill. I actually tried Bayer Rose and Shrub and it didn't do a thing. I guess hand picking is the way to go. I'm finding them on some orchids also.


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You'll have to go systemic or spray right on him. Weevils suck plant juices. Orthene should do it.

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Richard78(10a-Ft. Lauderdale)

That original link was mine. I finally got rid of them using Bayer Advanced Insect Disease and Mite Control, and picking and squishing. It took months but eventually got them.

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Thank you Richard. I'm not sure now if that is the correct bug. This bug is eating huge pieces out of the leaves. I find whole branches laying on the ground where it was chewed off from the tree. Maybe there's another bug I'm not seeing.

I did try Bayer Advanced spray but it didn't seem to do anything. Didn't do the squishing, but I can't find them easily. I only saw that one bug.

Bites on the leaves.

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jane, I have had the same bug for the first time this year - Florida leaf cutting weevil. In the spring it attacked a young crepe myrtle and ate half the leaves before I found it. A combination of squishing (bugs and eggs) and spraying soap (I use the veggie wash they sell at Publix) wiped them out for the summer. Recently I found a few and applied the Bayer systemic. I watered it in and the next day there were dead bugs on the ground. Hopefully this will end it. This weevil does eat the leaves. This bug is supposed to be native to southeastern Florida. It looks like it has moved west - I live in Tampa.

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Bifenthrin .... active ingredient sold under many names. Works well on weevils.

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Thanks for the info. Its getting worse. I only found 1, which I squished. But each day I find branches eaten off, laying on the ground. I have looked and looked and can't find the bug.

I have Bayer spray but I don't know if its systemic. Is this a granular type thing? Laura1, what are some of the names this is sold under. I'll try to find it.

Thanks again,

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Thanks all, wanted to update. Took one of the bugs to the Sarasota Extension office and they identified it as the Sri Lanka weevil.

The nice lady there said there are no easy solutions to dealing with it. She suggested soap with oil and continuous picking and killing. She said it is spreading all over the region and defoliating many different types of plants.

She explained that Neem is effective but too expensive to use on large properties. She said if you shake the shrub, they fall to the ground. People are using dark blankets, umbrellas, etc. to catch them and then dumping them in a bucket of soapy water.

I didn't realize that all the shrubs and citrus trees on my property are being eaten as well. I bought a small bottle of Neem and plan to spray as much as I can. I was told to wait for a cloudy day to avoid burning the foliage.

Quite a job ahead of me!


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