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hosta_freak(z6 NC)April 17, 2012

I feel I must print a retraction to a previous statement that said I had no damage to my hostas. A couple of the tender leaves from that night when it went down to 32 singed some leaves. I had to cut off a single leaf from Parhelion,and a couple from Sum and Sub were damaged. All the other leaves that were hardened off,had no problem at all,on all of the hostas. Some,who were just barely out of the ground were untouched. The Parhelion will cover that area very quickly,and you have to look carefully to even see where I cut off the leaf. Now,if it would only rain! Some is predicted for today,but they said that for last night,and no rain fell. It's hard to believe the hostas are growing so well,with no rain for the last 3 weeks! Phil

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Phil I know how you feel I'm about due north of you and except for rain 2.5 weeks ago we've had almost none since late last year. Good news is even though you have a possibility of hit or miss storms tonight & tomorrow looks like we both will finally get much needed rain this weekend from a storm to swing in from the west with snow listed for central NY. Yea-lets keep our fingeers crossed.


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Phil, you'll be out of those frost concerns soon. Covered the hosta in pots last night but I think frost hit a few lightly thru the sheets - nothing wilted looking, so may take a week to show. Sounds like we may have another couple of cool nights coming - so may catch a few in the garden next time - too many to cover.


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Thanks guys! Frost danger has passed here,as April 15th is supposed to be our last frost date. Rain has come to us,finally,with almost 2 1/2 inches overnight,and it's still raining as I write this! Halleluyah!! The hostas will grow another two inches in a few days. Phil

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