Dischidia ID

greentoe357June 4, 2014

Which Dischidia species does EA call "Dischidia sp."?

From here (http://exoticangel.com/plant-library/species/dischidia) it looks most like D. sp. Geri. Is that the right name?

I am a little disappointed that it won't have bullate leaves, but oh well.

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That's not geri. It's oiantha. A good grower!! I'll post more about it later when I get home...

Denise in Omaha

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D. oiantha is the first species I ever got my hands on... And it is the easiest of all the species to grow. I have experimented with it extensively because it is so hard to kill. Several years ago, I saw peace lily in my vet's office, in a glass jar with pretty layers of growing media - rocks, soil, other things....And it inspired me to try this with the Dischida I could not kill. And many years later, here it is...

That's actually an older photo and it's much larger now. I put some water on it about once a month...

Then there is the variegated version of it...

But geri must be a form of this because Tanya Livschultz calls it oiantha Schltr. Looks and grows very different to my eye...

Sorry about that - I've been updating my Hoya for sale list with photos and got into the habit of using the wrong URL... I think I got it right this time!

Denise in Omaha

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Thanks, Denise. Good to know it's so easy to grow. If somebody wants cuttings, hit me with a private message.

As an aside, is anyone receiving GW automatic notification of somebody replying to a thread you've posted on VERY late (sometimes DAYS late) or often even never? I've been watching it and trying to figure out a pattern for many weeks now. Denise, I seem to NEVER get notifications when you reply, for example. The nerve! Then when somebody else replies in the same thread - BAM notification! It happens with other people's posts, too. Anybody else noticed this?

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Holy cow, Denise. That variegated oiantha is really a looker!

GW notifications suck. (Sorry, GW) Idk what the deal is, but I have gotten emails from people MONTHS after they originally sent them. It's like sending your message into the Bermuda triangle. Certainly, at best, they arrive half a day later, nowhere close to instant. So if you're ever inquiring about a trade, and you never hear back from the person, do not assume they are a jerk. I put my email on my member page and always hope people will just email me directly and not use the system.

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