Lobelia Crystal palace

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)October 22, 2013

Anone work with the seeds of this plant.?? Have tried in the past but had only partial success. I mixed the seeds with sand and got very even germintion in seed flats but still WAY too close togetherlol Any tips on transplanting the incredibly small sprouts?? Thanks gary

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My absolute favorite lobelia! Nothing beats that cobalt blue in the garden.

I have sprinkled little tiny micro pinches in baskets and other mixed planters and had some success. Also, when I get the little 4 " pots from the stores, I take them and manually split them into two or three sections, planted those and had success that way, too.

They do seem to be very densely planted in the pots from the commercial growers.

That said, maybe you could take a fork and lift out 1 inch sections and replant those.

Good Luck!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

One of my favorite also!! In the past I've just bought seedlings but last year tried seeds in a hanging basket.
Worked but lost at least half of them . Went with seed cells this year. Even mixing the seed with sand still got "clumps "lol How long should I wait before transplant?? Obviously not going to be able to move individuals due to size
Any tricks to getting them through summer??
I also grow cardinalis but it's a snap to work with Thanks gary

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Would a pepper shaker work? I've heard this used to sow small seeds.

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I managed to get one sprig through this summer. It was in shade and watered carefully. I just started fertilizing it to see if it grows.

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

Sounds like it is tricky to work with. I bought several seed packs to try, wondering if I should start them in 3oz solo cups inside under grow lights, from the statements you two have made....

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

What kind did you get?? They are almost all hybrids "Crystal palace " is based on L,erinus . main problem is they are incredibly small seeds .and tend to all come up in the same place so require thinning . I had fair results in a hanging basket just removing excess as they grew but wasted half the seedlings This year used seed cells mixing with sand much better but still too dense. due to the size thinning is going to be tough!!
Direct sowing would be even tougher as they are moisture demanding and are easily damaged while watering.weeding would be almost imposssible lol. Once they get 3/4 leaves are very tough except for heat , for me. they rapidly decline when warm nights set in .So i use them in winter. and as annuals.
.One pack of seeds is enough .Guessing i got a thousand sprouts !! If I can figure out how to grow them on lol .L. cardinalis the red type is very easy but requires constant moisture but I grow them in a marsh garden .
Love the deep cobalt color of the erinus there are also sky blue and some with white eyes though I prefer the deep solid colors . Good luck!! gary

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

Hi Gary,

I bought the seeds last spring and never did anything with them.

Regatta Lilac Splash - like you said, a kazillion seeds in the tiny ziploc
Riveria Marine Blue - pelletized, probably #100 (7-9 seeds per pellet)
Riveria White - also pelletized, probably #100 (7-9 seeds per pellet)

I have no idea if these seeds are still viable, I'll put one pellet each in a 3oz solo cup of peat starter mix and mist them with water to keep the mix moist. Only time will tell....


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