Hoya Naumanii

suetran1(7NC)June 30, 2011

I love this one, very scented, easy to grow.

Can any one find the different?


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Very pretty and I like how shiny the blooms are. That six pointed flower is really neat!


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Oh fun! A rebel flower. That is just so cool looking.

This is a beautiful plant, I agree. I just recently received a cutting of it from a kind person here and I am really enjoying how it always seems so serene and classy.

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Gorgeous! I recently got a plant of this, and seeing your pictures, I'm so glad I did.

Would you mind letting me know what conditions you give it please?


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For me, I feel this plant like medium light, feeding in summer, flower in winter.
This plant is easy, sometime I water it only once a week in winter, it is till fine. Very fragrance, this is my favorite plant also.
This year, after I re-potted it, It grow like crazy.


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Its beatiful!!! I am new to the hoya plant. My best friend from college had one,that is the first I ever saw a hoya, very interesting. Come to find out that I have a very green thumb with orchids and these particular plants. ( they seem to love me and not my mother).

I always loved vining plants. Brought my first hoya this past december and now im hooked! I have three cuttings that are doing pretty good and a leaf cutting as an experiment. ( though I heard that just leaf cuttings with no stem produce no new growth. I will just have to wait and see

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Harrison, usually the leaves produce roots, but only sometimes they produce new vines. Most of us stick knocked off leaves in the pot just in case we get lucky.

Denise once posited that it may be that certain leaves have some fragment of the node still attached to the petiole and that enables them to put out new viney growth, where other leaves can't. Right or wrong, that is my favorite hypothesis for what is going on here.

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would love to get a description of the fragrance, I have read it smells like jasmine, nice and bitter, lilac, like Hoya cv. Pinky. Any of those descriptions comes close?

Thanks in advance!

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Jan Sword

Hi Sue, Gorgeous flowers. I've heard that Hoya naumanii might be a wild cross of Hoya cv "pinkie".
Here is my Hoya cv Pinkie for a comparison.

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