H. diversifolia aff. crassipes

amber_m(5)June 23, 2013

does anyone know anything about H. diversifolia aff. crassipes? i cant really find any info on it at all except on the Gardinos website.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I'm going to guess its basically the same care and basic growth habit as the regular Diversifolia...differences are probably pretty minor like leaf size and or bloom color. But in most every thing that counts I'm sure its basically similar to Diversifolia? I had the reg. Diversifolia from Gardino's and its a rampant very strong grower and take over a spot in no time...I ended up giving mine away as it got to be too large, Apparently, there was a rogue vine that rooted on the tree trunk and I still have it from that Mother plant and is now growing up my Oak trees,lol...Can't kill this one,lol...

Its personally not one of my favorites...the blooms are very far and few between on mine when I had it and quite small compared to the size of the plant :o(...but that's just my opinion...

Here's the Vine growing from the Soil...there is NO pot,lol...you can see NO blooms either :o(

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I would LOVE to live where you do....
Hoyas growing up trees, not even in a pot!! It looks like a jungle there :)


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I've heard from a couple people that the diversifolia ssp. el-nidicus blooms a little more generously than the regular version. The blooms on the diversifolia ssp. el-nidicus look similar, so maybe it's the same plant or at least close enough to have the same generosity?

There is some discussion of Hoya crassipes and Hoya diversifolia aff. crassipes in this thread if you haven't seen it. I read that PG has a Hoya crassipes, so maybe she can shed some light on its behavior.

In her article, Simone lists crassipes as a synonym of diversifolia, so it appears there are at least some people in this camp.

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