New Daylily Pics--Hope They Turn Out

avedon_gwNovember 26, 2011

I am going to try this without my helper here to rescue me if something goes wrong. Avedon

Buttered Popcorn

Jack Carpenter Seedlings Cross

Destined To See

Happy Returns

Final Touch

Destined To See Clump Shot

Chance Encounter Clump Shot

So Lovely Row

So Lovely

Sorry I still don't know how to make them smaller. Tried some things on Photobucket, but didn't work. Anyone who knows how to do this, send instructions. Thanks, Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

Here is the instructions if you wish to upload your images to a certain size.
How to choose the upload options for your account
Log into your Photobucket account.
Click the Upload now button in the main navigation bar. The Uploader page displays.
Click the "Customize your upload options" link which is below the Share section (Facebook, Twitter, etc):

I really love all the photos you posted. CHANCE ENCOUNTER and DESTINED TO SEE are wonderful. HAPPY RETURNS is so bright and just makes you smile. The row of SO LOVELY is very pretty too.

Thanks for posting. Brightens the day.


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Beautiful pictures. I just bought Chance Encounter so it's really nice to see picture showing what the clump will look like, and the buds on it! Final Touch and Buttered Popcorn are always nice to see. Thanks for posting. Marg

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Great photos, Avedon. Very nice to see, wspecially now.


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Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments. I am really having fun doing this. Julia, thank you. I think I can now downsize the photos. Will do a post and see what happens. Avedon

Strawberry Candy Clump

I think that's done it. This will be much better for the people who have dial-up.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow AVEDON these pictures are gorgeous. I love BUTTERED POPCORN mine didnt bloom hardly at all this year and nO reblooms.CHANCE ENCOUNTER is it, and that row od SO LOVELY is just that, so lovely, its gorgeous.happy RETURNS is a beauty, too, and STRAWBERRY CANDY SURE LOOKS BETTER THEN MINE DID THIS YEARA. mine was gorgeous last year and this year it only had a couple blooms,Thank you for posting these beauties for us to see how pretty they are.


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Nancy zone 6

I love those clump shots, Destined to See especially looks good.

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Cindy zone 6a

Just love the row of So Lovely, it surely lives up to it's name.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Heck, no helper needed. You did a great job with those pictures. And it is so nice to see some of your garden. Especially with your daylilies finially looking nice and green in the Fall weather. I see you have daylilies on both sides of that fenceline. Don't you have animals in the pasture that would eat up the daylilies?

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Rita, if you look at a couple of the pictures, (Buttered Popcorn and the So Lovely Row) you will see some sort of fencing. Nearly all our daylilies are behind fences. There are a few unprotected areas close to the house, but if the deer discover them, they will have to be fenced, too. It is the only solution to the deer problem here, for they are the only ones who eat the plants. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, I will post again soon. Avedon

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Nice clump shots! Avedon, where are you located? Do you get rebloom on Destined to See?

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Mantis, I live in Northeast Texas in the ARKLATEX, which means we are close to Arkansas and Louisiana. I have never seen any rebloom on Destined To See, that would certainly be nice. When we have good rain years, it is a massive bloomer. Avedon

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Avedon ... I was going to ask if the fencing was for deer ... is it electric?

The daylilies look great!

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Pam, thank you for your kind comment about the pictures. Nearly all the fencing here is electric; therefore, we must keep most of the plants behind it, since the deer seem to love about everything we grow. The fencing on the So Lovely row is NOT electric, and so far, no trouble there. We are wondering if the electric fencing is keeping them away from this one--maybe they think they will get a good jolt if they come close!!! Deer are unpredictable, so one day they might discover they have been fooled, and start munching away. Then we will put on the battery and charge it up. By the way, I forgot to tell you that your daylily hybrids are beautiful. You can be proud to produce such lovelies. Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

Avedon: I read your comments about the electric fence and wondered what kind you installed. I'm tempted next year to install one. I have temporary fencing around the perimeter of the house gardens as much as I could do.
I noticed deer tracks today inside the area. I don't mind them being in the fields but they appear to be getting in somewhere. If they are jumping the fence, I'm not sure electric fencing would be an answer for me unless I did it 10 ft or more LOL.


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Julia, our electric fencing is what I call ugly, but cheap. I will take a photo tomorrow, hopefully get it on PhotoBucket and post it so you can see how it looks. If we had a lot of money to spend, there might have been prettier options, but we haven't won the lottery yet. LOL. Since we want the daylilies, roses, and a number of other plants, we decided to have the fence versus no plants. I can tell you that I have actually seen a 10 foot chain link fence with an extra couple of feet on an angle leaning inward--does this make sense to you--to make sure the deer don't get over. I can only imagine what this would cost, but evidently it was worth it to the people who wanted a protected garden.

Several years ago, I was at Jack Carpenter's LILY FARM and they told us they had put up electric fencing all around the property because of the deer. I seem to recall their fencing looked like what we have, metal T-posts and with stand-out brackets for the wires. I guess like us, they probably have a battery and extension cord set-up to the electrical outlets; of course, it's much bigger than ours. I will try to get this info posted as soon as I can. I will talk to my husband since he did all of this and see if he thinks of more I might need to tell you. Avedon

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I wanted to send a photo of one of our electric fences, but I forgot how to get it into the computer and on to Photobucket. This is my big problem--I can't remember so much, and I thought I could do it without taking notes from my mentor---WRONG. Anyway, I am sure there is info on the Internet that will be of help, and if I ever figure out the picture thing, I will post it separately. Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

Avedon: I think your mentor needs to make you practice, practice, practice LOL.
I'll check around, ie google, to see what other people have done and what the pros and cons are to using this type if fencing.


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I like your photos so nice to see some blooms. Chance Encounter is my favorite it's just gorgeous. I've had to run electric fence also along the top of my fences. My problem is not deer but my horses sure like to lean over the top and snack on my DL's.

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Jula, you should see the fence around Curt Hanson's gardens .. it's big and it works.

On the other hand, my friend Linda Michaels has one "hot" strand around her entire field of daylilies that would be approx. nose level if the deer is leaning down to eat a plant ... snad she swears that works for her.

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