Anyone here live in Fort Pierce?

Jean BoOctober 19, 2013

Would like an opinion of Ft. pierce west, Zip Code 34945. I would like to get all sorts of farm type animals horses, cows, chickens maybe some goats you get the idea. This area is very rural and looks like a good fit for me. However, Ft. P has such a horrible reputation I am afraid to purchase a home in this city. I am not worried about night life maybe access to some good restaurants, good grocery stores and meat markets are what is more important. I am concerned with the crime rate in Ft. Pierce but it seems very centralized to certain areas. With just the little bit of research I have done, it seems that out west (west of the Turnpike and 95) around Orange Ave seems ok. I don't have a child that is school age but one that is 19. We live in Ft. Lauderdale & Miami and we have our bad areas too. But the whole city doesn't get the ding that Ft. Pierce seems to be getting. Don't want my investment money to wither a slow painful death! Thoughts?

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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

Ft. Pierce has always had a bad name. I wouldn't live there if I had school age kids. West of town isn't too bad if you get acreage. I live in Stuart and Jensen Beach. It's a little pricey but not bad. Since you don't have kids maybe you should try here or Pt. St. Lucie? Good luck in your hunt for property!

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Jean Bo

Thank you so much for responding, i am freaking out here, such a huge decision. I heard you can't have chickens in Stuart. Is this true? I like Stuart. I really want property where I can have all sorts of stuff including roosters & guinea hens... They are noisy so looking for large parcels.

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I live out on Hutchinson Island and I'd suggest taking a look at the area west of 95 out along Kanner Highway in the Stuart area, or up off Indrio Road and north.

I don't know that there's all that much crime in the area you're considering, but there is increasing heavy truck traffic all the time, lots of it.

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

I have lived in Stuart for several decades. Martin County is more preferable. If it is your intention to grow tropicals you will need to live US 1 or east for the most sensitive plants. But no room for barnyard animals that far east. I like the idea of west of town out Kanner Hwy. There are many enclaves with Stuart addresses and city services that is technically in the County. I think chickens would be aloud. Best bet is contact a Martin County R.E. Agent that specializes in farm land.

If you do set up in the area, I would like to get some manure in the future.

Good luck and please keep us posted.

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As a plus (I live in St Lucie County, so I'm acutely aware of this), your taxes will be lower in Martin and services and schools much better. (This is largely because of Jupiter Island, which generates a huge whack of tax money and lets the county keep the millage low.)

Tropical Farms off Kanner is a great area, very convenient but very rural, or you can go farther out and pay less but have to drive more to stores and such.

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Jean Bo

Thank you all for your quick response, I was able to go out and see the area and I really liked it. I know it's not for everyone but the thought of having so much space and quiet ahhhh loved it. We do have to be very careful with our investment dollars tho so it has to make sense on paper too. I did look into the other areas mentioned and it seems they don't have huge tracks at least not available right now. So the search continues.....

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I lived in the Ft. Pierce/White City area for over 20 years until work made it necessary to move to my current home. I can say in that time I never had my home broken into, my car stolen or any other evil thing happen to me. I worked in a medical office off Ockechobee Rd and even though I would often arrive to work alone and before sunrise again I never had a problem. With all that being said I do agree there are areas you would want to avoid, but all in all Ft. Pierce wasn't a "bad" place to live.
While there I lived on two larger pieces of land [13 acres as a rental off Glades Cut Off Road and 15 acres we bought off Angle Road Extension] and the rental and/or selling price for both were reasonable and my taxes on the second piece of land was reasonable too.
I realize things do change over time [I left 8 years ago] but I enjoyed my time there enough to feel I needed to say something positive about the area.


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I live in Stuart but was a Probation Supervisor in Ft Pierce for awhile. There are parts of Ft Pierce to stay away from but that is a small part of the area. Compared to Martin Co ,where I live , the water is nicer , mostly blue, less polluted and doesn't suffer as badly from Lake O releases.The schools,government and Life style are much better in Martin Co and taxes are cheaper plus it is definitely warmer in winter . Out west in Palm City-Martin Co- there is more acreage and mucm more rural -chickens seem to be allowed out there.

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Jean Bo

Nova thanks for your Imput on the properties. It's nice to hear from someone who has lived there. Speaking of medical what are your views on that? My mom will be 80 next year and she is in very good shape now but does need good doctors will she be able to find good Drs and a good Hospital if needed?
Also I have another really important question, and you might find it to be a stupid question but you mentioned you lived on 13 acers. I am deathly afraid of roaches and grasshoppers. We're you able to keep them out of the house and were they a problem outside? I have no problems using chemicals and will get guiney hens for crawing control. I welcome anyone with a comment about this to please chime in. I live in florida but I don't have a bug problem here. I would hate to move to a place where I am constantly under attack and can't control them.

Stuartdave I looked in the area of Martin and didnt find anything that fit our needs right now. Were you saying Martin had prettier beaches? I really like the beach on north Hutchinson island I find them beautiful but would love to check out where your talking about,

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As far as the medical care in the area, I would say it was hit and miss. Towards the end of my time there my husband was diagnosed with cancer and while he did have some good doctors in the area he also had some really crappy ones too. We ended up going to Tampa for treatment. And, again. unless things have changed considerably, avoid the local hospital [Lawnwood] like the plague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As far as inscect issues, if you area going to raise livestock you will have bugs. I raised lots of free range chickens and ducks along with goats, pigs and cows. Flies were the biggest problem followed by palmetto bugs,ants and spiders. I don't remember having a hugh problem in the house but barns and coops were fair game. The biggest issue I had was when rats moved into one of the barns and wreaked havoic for a while until the black snakes moved in. Within days the rats were gone and I became accustom to seeing large fat black snakes stretched out in the rafters of the barn!

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>And, again. unless things have changed considerably, avoid the local hospital [Lawnwood] like the plague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely! Another reason to recommend being further south or further north, although Martin Memorial is building a branch at Tradition.

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Do look at the beaches on south Hutchison Island ,preferably around the power plant south. As you enter Martin Co you will notice that there are no tall condo's. Martin limits their height to 4 stories , which I feel makes the Martin Co beaches nicer and access is great all over South Hutchinson Island and there are no fees.

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zzackey(8b GA)

If you can stand it colder Charleton county, Georgia is the place to be! Low crime, low taxes, no neighbors if you buy a few acres. Jacksonville, Florida is an hour away with lots of great hospitals and doctors. Gardening is different here. but we still have a long growing season.

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

Georgia has state income tax. Florida does not. Martin County rarely freezes. Georgia freezes much much more. But Northwest Georgia is some of the most beautiful land in the world. Still I like Martin County Fl.

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zzackey(8b GA)

We are retired and pay no taxes. Our property tax is only 40 bucks a year. We pay no school taxes here. We get road grading and trash pick up every week for only 40 bucks a year. It is much cheaper to live here than Martin county. Property costs alot less. Driver's licenses only cost 12 bucks and replacement licenses don't cost much at all compared to Florida's. I'd rather live farther south, but it costs too much!

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