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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)October 1, 2012


Any ideas??Thanks gary

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It looks like a Schizolobium, maybe Schizolobium parahyba?

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

Definitely Schizolobium parahyba, Fern Tree

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

YEA somebody can identify it!!! lol Are either of you growing these.?? Any suggestions on how to prune it??
Thinking of removing the left limb entirely and cutting the other 3 to below the wire. Will it recover and if so how will it resprout?? The original plan was to grow only one head and in a large pot but the hurricanes changed Seems to only branch when maybe better to prune one limb at a time?? Any experience with flowering?? Thanks for the help, tough to find any info on them. You both won a million for the ID but will be a while before prize is awarded lol gary

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I have a tree I was told was Japanese fern tree that looks similar, but shorter with a fuller canopy. When I did a search of your tree it said Brazilan fern tree was the common name.

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I don't have the tree, I just know it is a very fast grower. I tried to grow it from seed a few times but none germinated.

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

Schizolobium is a super fast grower. It can easily reach 20-30 ft in 2 years from seed. Once it reaches around 25ft tall it branches and forms a high canopy. In late spring/early summer they flower, producing bright yellow flowers.

I would take off all the branches excpt that middle one, the one sencond from the right. The rest are going to form a weak crotch area that will be prone to split apart.

Can you post another photo, lower, of the branching point ?

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

Thats the trouble with common names. "Fern Tree" can be any number of trees. Even if it is differentiated further it can still be erroneous.

"Japanese Fern Tree"- Fillicium decipiens, NOT Japanese, it is native to tropical eastern Africa, India and Sri Lanka. It would only grow in Okinawa in Japan.

"Brazilian Fern Tree"- Schizolobium parahyba, native from southern Mexico through Central America to down to Bolivia and Peru.

Sometimes Jacaranda are called Fern Trees. Quite a few lesser known trees are referred to as "Fern Trees". Then there are the various Tree Ferns which can be confused with the Fern Tree name.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

When i bought he seeds they were sold to me as Schizolobium amazonicum. "Yellow Jacaranda" According to Kew there is only one species parahyba though they listed amazonicum as a synonym. I like the Indian name Guaparuru lol It is a member of the caesalpinioidea.
Started in 03 and has been very abused due to storms ,frosts squirrels weed whips so most of the growth has happened in the last 3 years lol has never flowered
last was Wilma who took the crown out resulting in the present shape it is VERY wind sensitive has broke in as little as 30 MPH and is deciduous in a very odd way throws off entire limbs rather than leaves . makes loud cracking noises and throws the limbs 20 feet lol Also has some other odd properties ,a resin that capture lizards and seems to repel insects though i found no info on being carniverous. If interested ,had a long talk on the botany forum about it.. It has not become a "bird catcher " in spite of its size .Hard to check on the resin due to its size now.
Anyway here is some pix on the trunk and branches as you can see it's above the mainpower lines so need a method to prevent a disaster . It is now starting buttress roots ,suspect serious growth is going to start now . Kew listed it as 60 METERS lol. Not in my yard, would like to keep it if possible.. Any suggestions are very welcome thanks gary

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The schiz! Great fast growing N-fixer...I've managed it as a coppiced/pollarded tree that you cut back to encourage new succulent growth to use as a green manure....planted around or near fruit trees it's great for this purpose and grows back super vigorously. If you want to manage it that way, I'd recommend starting your cuts pretty high (as high as you can really manage, chest or head high) because the trunk will rot some below where you cut it...but yeah, you can cut back the entire main trunk and it'll grow back. Have you had flowers/fruit??

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Around ten feet to where the branches begin. About forty to the top. Has never started a new limb on hard wood nor has it ever flowered. When my other specimen was
cut on hard wood it died.?? Since none of the limbs can be removed without an imbalance . Was thinking of cutting
all four limbs at around 20 feet Though it might be wiser to cut one or two and await and see what happens .??
Should result in four crowns?? What does the tree look like followingh your method?? Thanks gary

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Sure we're talking about the same tree??

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