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del_sNovember 10, 2012

I would appreciate the opinions of all you experts out there who grow the following plants. I have opportunity to purchase these, can't afford all of them, and have been around long enough to know that not all plants are created equal. I would like to have some "blue eyes" in our garden and would like to have your assessment of these plants.

Bit of Blue, Stamile, 2004

Blue Desire, Gossard, 2007

Blue Oasis, Salter-E.H., 2002

Dixie Blues, Stamile-G., 2004

Honky Tonk Blues, Stamile-G., 2002

In the Navy, Salter-E.H., 1993

Mississippi Blues, Stamile, 2004

Sorcerer�s Hat, Salter-E.H., 2003

Which Way, Stamile, 2005

I have been assured that these are doing well in a zone almost as cool as mine. Thanks in advance.


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In the Navy did not do well here in zone 6a. In 2009, Floota reported that it took three tries for it to live in her warmer zone.

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Sorry, I don't grow any of them...and since I'm so much warmer, it wouldn't help if I did.

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BLUE DESIRE has done fine ( I'm on edge of 6/7);Blue Oasis, Dixie Blues and Honky Tonk Blues all do well. I'd advise against IN THE NAVY, as it can be marginal in colder climates.
Don't know about the others.

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Thank you all for your input. Floota, is there any one of those that you would particularly recommend?

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

I got MISSISSIPPI BLUES as a bonus a year ago, and I like it so far. Here is a pretty true photo of it from my garden. Depending on the lighting, that eye has more or less blue in it.


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I can't say very much about any of your possible choices, except that I've been wary of Liz Salter's blue daylilies. Whether I'm being overly cautious, though, I don't know.

Since you're in zone 3 (?), you might search daylily sellers in your zone up to, I don't know, zone 5 perhaps, for the ones you're considering. I often do that if I'm considering the purchase of daylilies that could be dicey where I live. Ideally, you'd like the sellers to have grown the plant for several years, thus suggesting that it's hardy in that zone.

I can recommend a beautiful "blue"-eyed daylily from a Massachusetts hybridizer: GREYWOODS CHASIN' THE BLUES (Darlyn Wilkinson 2011). It's currently sold out on the hybridizer's website, but someone else may have it.

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