Ragweed is Terrible!

ritaweedaOctober 25, 2011

I don't know if it's just something about this year or the fact that the road department hasn't been mowing the right-of-ways, but the ragweed is just all over the place and chest-high. My husband has been really suffering and now I'm beginning to succumb. Is anyone else noticing this?

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I've been on Claritin for what seems like weeks now, it's awful.

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A lot of people are in the same boat, with the governments cutting back on expenses, roadside mowing is the first thing to be cut. Allergy sufferers are really suffering this year. I'm allergic to so many weeds that I just sniffle all year long.

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I took a chance and emailed the road dept. here day before yesterday, and can you believe it - they mowed it yesterday. I was shocked! I especially emphasized a very high stand of weeds right at the intersection of a busier road where they blocked the view of oncoming traffic for drivers of low-profile vehicles like mine, so maybe that's why they reacted so quickly. Anyway, the ragweed is gone, if we could get some rain to wash down the pollen that would be gravy! We always keep our right-of-way mowed throughout the year, but so many of the residents here don't, but then it's rural with a lot of cattle ranches along the road, guess they are too busy to mow theirs. But then again, they usually have great big tractors they can use, while we have only the lawn mower, and our front property line is over 300 feet.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I have been buying and using the local honey here in NE FL and it has really done wonders for my allergies the last few years. I use a spoonful in my tea in the morning.
One of my sons and my daughter have bad allergies to weeds and other blooming plants as well so they started using local honey as well. None of us had to take allergy medication this last spring or fall like we always did before every year. We all usually have bad allergies in the spring and fall and are usualy all on medication so this was really great for us.
I found our honey at the local farmer's market.

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So here is a local honey question. Just how "local" does it need to be to deter allergies? My mom is on Longboat Key, and there is honey in Fort Meyers, about an hour and a half away. Is that close enough? Anyone know a source near Bradenton or Sarasota?

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