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nat4b(4)November 7, 2012

Sorry, posted this in the wrong thread. But I am still curious what your antiviruses say (or not)

Recently my antivirus started to 'warn' me about the AHS website. You know some antiviruses put icons like green - safe, red - unsafe. Well, for AHS they put a red sign saying Known nuisances. In fact I just clicked Full Report button and that's what it says: Computer Threat. Threat Name: Malicious Site: Malicious domain request 2, etc.

I don't understand that and still visit the website. Plus I heard some antiviruses are overreacting :) Just wondered if anybody else got any warning.

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Julia NY(6)

No but check the entire website address that they are reporting as a threat on the report log. Match website address exactly to the site your accessing. I've had it when I used one antivirus software it was reporting threats but when I reviewed the log report for the website address that the alert was given for, it was only a similar naming but not exact to the site I was accessing.

Which software are you using?


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Please let webmaster Tim Fehr know asap.
fehrtj AT charter DOT net

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I am not good with all that computer stuff, frankly speaking I don't even understand about the report log.
Dipsandtets, I thought about it, but also maybe it's just my antivirus, who knows..
It's Norton btw. And here's the picture

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Julia NY(6)

I would send to Tim (his email is a the bottom of the AHS home page screen as the webmaster to report issues to)and see what he thinks. Good luck.


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