Planted 8 Hosta 'June'

victory_tea2085(z6 Ny)April 29, 2012

Last spring and 6 are healthy but 2 look stunted and misshaped- what happened to the 2? Thanks Paul

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Planted too deep.
Winter rot.

It could be anything. A pic is worth a thousand words.

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Wendys_garden(5b Great Lakes)

Please post pictures of the plants in question - a shot of the whole plants, & a closeup of a bad leaf. That's the only way to tell what could possibly be wrong.
More info would help too - are they all planted in the same garden? What kind of light are the stunted ones growing in?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

frank missed one.. stepped on ...

need a pic or two ...


Here is a link that might be useful: how to post pix

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I have 3 Stained Glass that the first set of leaves were puckered and misshapen but the next set seemed nice so I assume they had some trauma or a frost when the first set were breaking ground.

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victory_tea2085(z6 Ny)

Hosta friends- got too much going on to post pictures right now- but thanks for your help. I plan to watch them to see if they were somehow traumatized! Thanks- Paul

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Paul- We have to make assumptions to give good answers, so what franknjim and ken suggest apply.
Assuming all were planted with similar weather exposure,frost is less likely.

Assuming the same, deeper planting depth is more likely for the two regressing ones. If in different locations winter rot (frozen water over crown?)could be culprit.

Since they are regressed anyway, moving them would not be a bad option. When replanting, place in good drainage and plant with the crown at the soil level. When lifted you may be able to see vole damage. More than likely you will find really bad roots, maybe even a single root virtually non-existant. This is common with crown rot which occurs when planted too deep or in non-draining soil which freezes in winter.

It's hard for me to put words properly without beiong misinterpreted. But the best approach to salvage your June, in my experience, is to move them and plant them in a new location using the guidelines I have described. You other guys agree?


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victory_tea2085(z6 Ny)

Will do Thank YOU

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