Looking for some hoya (australis Lisa/Imperialis) !

laelae_mtlJune 5, 2014

Hi everyone !

As I'm living in Canada, I'm away of all wonderful source of hoyas !
Finding hoya here is so difficult, as any kind of special succulent.

So, I ask to the wonderful comunity here in case someone want to trade with me or sell me some cutting of hoya lisa/ hoya imperialis. I have 3 species of popular hoya carnosa : Krimson Queen, Krimson Princess and regular carnosa, but most collector probably already own them.

Thank you !

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Do you have paypal?
I'm in Kingston, ON, and have a red imperialis that I'd like to prune back.
I have no more room for more plants, but I could send you cuttings in a box if you cover shipping + a bit extra.

I also have some others if you're looking for any of these:
H. chlorantha, macgillivrayii, cv. optimistic.

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Amazing rennet, can you send me your email by MP ?
Just curious, is it a purple hoya on the left corner of the photo, or a shade effect ?


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Oh no, the younger leaves on that Hoya are glossy and dark brownish-red so they look purple when reflecting bluish light.

I can't seem to find your email, but you can email me directly at this temporary address:

I'll be able to send you my actual email from there.

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I got your email and have written back. Check your spam filter just in case.

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