Jun Buds and Blooms Part 2

geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)June 19, 2011

Thought I would start another thread as the other is getting quite long. Nothing spetacular but buds/blooms just the same.

Kentiana (?) Wayetti

And the whole plant

Variegated Multiflora

I got this one labeled 'pottsii' several years ago - it finally bloomed - this is the leaf

And the bloom

Lobbii 'orange' 1st time bloomer - I love this.

Juannguoiana - 1st time - has been trying to bloom but keeps blasting - as long as it keeps budding I think it will get there.

Mini Belle - she blooms all the time even during the winter

Does anyone happen to know which 'pottsii this might be?

Thanks for looking


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats Dee...your Blooms are really beautiful! I just love the Lobbii bloom color, awesome! Thanks for posting them.

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

Oops, by bad didn't see the other Part 2, guess I should look before posting something.

Thanks Pug


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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Wow, Dee, you've had some nice bloomers!

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Nice blooms, Dee! Wish my wayetti would get in gear and bloom - it hasn't bloomed for me for a couple years now...

Blooming around here... 'Mathilde' (still)

'Minibelle' caught me completely off guard - took it down to water it and it was covered with open flowers!

'Royal Hawaiian Purple' (as well as the other pubicalyx cultivars...)


Obovata x carnosa...



Brevialata (or incurvula...)

And 2 that are off and on all summer and "on" at the moment, vanuatuensis and verticillata...

Denise in Omaha

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

Well this is blooms but buds. I just received this one a week ago. It was listed as H. cllistophylla 'Sabah Beauty'. I love this leaf and can't wait for the blooms, it isn't rooted yet but sure did bud up real fast

Hoya memoria - Denise you should see this pot - it is so full and has quite a lot of blooms.

H. pentaphlebia - not a real good picture but I love how the leaves turn red in the sun. I have one in the shade and the leaves stay green

Thanks for looking


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Great blooms Dee and Denise! Wayetti is so cute, but so darn messy. My wayetti is not going to bloom again for a while, I think. I jumped it up from a 4.5 in pot to a 10 in pot, knowing that it would slow it down a bit. I needed the breathing room, ha. It was growing really fast, blooming a lot, and taking over my window. Also, my windowsill was getting coated in nectar and fallen flowers, which attracted lots of ants. I'm hoping by the time it takes off again, I will have moved and it will have a big ole spot to call its own, that I can easily clean (like tile).

I wish my Mathilde would get going. Those little spotted leaves are so cute. I'm really thinking I need to get vanuatuensis. I'm finding that I always like seeing the pics of its blooms, and the plant looks attractive too. Brevialata's blooms make me think of Muppets. In a good way, not a bad way :) They look cute, fuzzy, and adorably gangly.

Oh, I ordered kentiana in my Liddle order, since they listed both kentiana and wayetti, and I figured that they knew the difference. I want to see once and for all how the two differ, because I am curious.

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Nice flowers ladies. Dee I particularly like your multiflora photo

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Be sure to post a photo when you get it because I've always been curious about that, too. Wayetti is one I regularly take cuttings of and start new plants. Then it gets really cute in a little pot, and I can't seem to part with it. I have little pots of it all over the place and I told myself this year that I can keep THREE and only THREE, and I have to sell the rest of them. I love it grown small - it's just too adorable.

Denise in Omaha

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Dee you have quite the variety blooming, very impressive. I really like that lobbii and pentaphlebia. I have Hoya memoria as well but it's not big enough to bloom. I think everyone should grow this Hoya because it has such nice leaves and is supposed to bloom like crazy once it matures.
I wonder if your Hoya juannguoiana is blasting because it drys out too fast due to the clay pot? Have you tried watering it more often to keep it moist?
Your Hoya pattsii should just stay with the species name vs trying to add more info because there is no real concrete way to know where your plant came from. I like the colour of the blooms with their soft yellow vs the white variety.

Denise does your Hoya inconspicua have flecked leaves? I am looking to add this one to my collection but there seems to be a few different varieties or even different species sold under this name.
If you love a small Hoya kentiana there is that new mini kentiana available at Aleya's Garden now. This may in fact be a new species but for now it is unnamed or going as mini kentiana.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hoya sp. mini kentiana on Dischidia.com

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I only have two right now.

And Red Buttons. It's got funny colors this time. I think the heat has something to do with it.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Very NICE Ladies...I love them all. Thanks for posting and sharing! Beautiful blooms and buds!!

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Great pics everyone! Wish I had something more to contribute to this thread... like blooms... lol.

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Congrats Dee, Denise and TD!

Finally, I can add pictures to a buds and blooms thread! I got a VERY welcome surprise today! While watering Nikki, I thought I'd give her a looking over. Boy am I glad I did! Look at what I found!

Peduncle #1 (I love the reddish color!)

Peduncle #2 (a little hard to see, sorry)

Peduncle #3

On the second and third, I think I see buds!!! I'm wondering if it's a message from her. Next month will be four years since she passed (sorry to spoil the mood). So it'll be nice when these buds (if that's what they are) finally bloom. :) Congrats again, everyone!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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wow Dee, I'm so excited your orange lobbii bloomed! I think I needed your photos to convince me that it really bloomed orange. Too cool! Those pentaphlebia leaves are awesome, too! Kind of a watermelon color. Just amazing - thanks for posting them!

Denise, I'm loving those bhutanica blooms. Talk about laser sharp corona edges! I just love brevialata, incurvula too. I don't know whether to pet it or eat it. I guess neither option is really appropriate. /hangs head

LOL Quinn. I hadn't really put that much thought into my sticky windowsill attracting ants into the house. I guess I've gotten away with it so far, but that will be a lesson to me not to drag my feet on pulling the shelving units away to wash... I really like the Muppets description, too! I can totally see them turning into a whole band of tiny headbanging Animals.

Tiger, that obovata photo is really pretty. I love pictures like this where all the little clusters of flowers are peeking out from much larger leaves.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Ha ha ha ha! The mental image of tiny headbanging Animals is hilarious. I'm afraid I have to think about how not to attract ants. I get them every year and they drive me nuts. One of these days I feel like I'm going to get carried away by a bunch of ants, like in the cartoons.

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This was purchased about 3 years ago as pubicalyx purple hybrid. I think this is just another 'Pink Silver'. The peduncle darkens with age.

"Pink Silver"

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