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zephycJune 30, 2010

Hi all Hoya lovers

I'm writing to ask your help as experts in Hoya questions.

A few days ago I received some cuttings, but some of them amost don't have a stalk and one of them seems to be a bit old.

By today one of the leaves is being dark and already two little leaves have fallen down.

I don't know how plant it to can meke it root and for don't loose the cutting (it's a H.verticilata).

Can you help me please?

Tanks :)

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Your cutting looks more like Hoya pachyclada or subquintuplinervis and not at all like Hoya verticillata. Hoya verticillata is much more common so you ended up getting a really beautiful and popular/in demand Hoya. I would recommend laying the cutting on the surface of the potting mix and burying the bottom half of the stem and leaving the top part and the leaves out of the potting mix. Make sure the cutting does not move while rooting, use a little skewer or stake of some sort to keep it from wobbling until roots form. Keep the potting mix slightly moist but not wet or this one can rot, after rooting let the mix dry a little before watering again and grow in bright light.


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Hi Mike, many tanks for your reply:)
I'll do as you said!
Don't you thing the stem is a bit woody? Will it root easily in that woody portion? It already lost another leaf, so I'm affraid of loose the cutting.
It's a great new you gave me, I also find a bit strange to be a verticillata, and now, when ou said it can be a pachyclada, it realy is seemed with this one. Maybe the seller as made a bit cunfusion;)


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The stem of my cutting of this species was quite woody as well but it rooted although yours looks especially woody. I think as long as the weather is nice and warm it should root but you could try some rooting hormone if you have any just to speed things along. I know some Hoyas have trouble rooting through woody stems so some people will take a fingernail and make a little scratch until they expose the green tissue but I have never tried that method. If you don't see roots in a week or so you could try that method as well.
I think you got a great surprise in getting Hoya pachyclada or subquintuplinervis and yes often times you will get Hoyas with the wrong names. Usually it takes flowers to figure out what you have but this one has distinctive growth and leaves.


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Hi Mike
I've done that yesterday, I've scratched the stem, as you can see on the photo. I've puted some rooting hormony and planted it.
I realy hope this works, now we must wait some days to see the evolution!

The dark point is the place were was a leaf, and I've put cinnamon in powder.
It should not be like this, to buy one plant and it is not the one we choose, but it's a risk, what to do?
This time I tink it was good the wrong name;)

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Hi everyone

After I've done that one the photos, a few days after little roots apeared on the plant, I realy hope that under the soil there are roots also. I´ve just spray it, not watered, ans it is in a little box that keeps the humidity.

What do you think?

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I think you're doing a fantastic job!!! Keep it up!


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The leaves on this cutting look far healthier than Jose's did when I took cuttings from his failing 40 year old body. I took the end, and with a razor cut the end, dipped it in Rootone, and set in soil mix. I used wooden skewers to keep the cuttings from moving and misted Jose 2.0 daily. Yours is looking good and I hope it roots. It may take months for it to establish.It took 6 months for Jose 2.0 to root sufficiently so we could move him to his new pot. Now he's growing like crazy. I wish you luck!!!

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Tanks Carolyn :)

Riap, what hoya is Jose? 6 months? Oh, I hope this cutting does it a bit faster, because there comes the winter and is not good for them.~

By now the cutting lost another leave, but the positive new is that I saw a little root in the pot (is transparent).

Many tanks

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