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susancarol(7)June 8, 2014

I noticed there is a similar hoya clone to Krimson Princess. It has medium green leaves with a few variegated leaves that are similar to KP but more waxy and thicker. It's an EA plant and I passed it up yesterday but thinking about going back to get it. :)

EA does label KP as KP and this one is labeled Hoya variegated.


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Could it just be KP? ('Rubra' is the current name) Hoya leaves are very variable, you know... This one may just be a particularly clean one. :-)

EA has the word "variegata" on their Rubra and Tricolor labels: https://www.exoticangel.com/plant-library/species/hoya.

Post a pic here if you are going back and if doubt still remains.

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I went back and decided not to get it. Instead I'm going to try Denise's method with removing the solid green leaves from the KP to root and make a pot. Maybe Denise will post her plant picture here.

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Hi Susan,

Yes, unfortunately, all the 'Princess' clones I have seen want to revert back. 'Queen' doesn't - I've always wondered why one does and the other doesn't. Of course, maybe it's because 'Queen' has more green, less cream, whereas 'Princess' is more cream...

As for the thickness of the leaves, I think that's more about how it's being grown. I have a 'Princess' right now that has had fairly thin leaves and it's an EA plant, but I think it's gotten too dry (from that awful EA soil) a few times, and that thins up the leaves. It's recovering and leaves are feeling more plump now. But clones vary some, too...

I finally gave away my old 'Princess' when it got to the point that all new growth was green. I have to admit, though, that the green growth I take off of 'Princess' is a truly beautiful clone of old fashioned carnosa. I assume that is what you'd call it, anyway. Since 'Princess' is a sport of carnosa, when it reverts back, it would now be just carnosa again, right? But the leaves are longer, with a creased midrib (I don't know how else to describe it...

I'm sure there are technical terms for it!) - it's very attractive AND it blooms much, MUCH faster than the standard carnosa or the 'Princess' it comes from! Makes an awesome plant!

Denise in Omaha

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Yeah⦠I would label the reverted KP 'carnosa,' too. Although CB has this note to offer: âÂÂGreen Exoticaâ (When cv. Rubra reverted, the owner of LoyceâÂÂs Flowers cut the green parts out; rooted them and sold them as cv. Green Exotica). Source: The Hoyan 5,4

I had no idea it was so amenable. I always throw my trimmings away. I don't really have room for the carnosas I already have, without starting new ones. ;)

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