Got Hosta?

Gesila(MI Z5)April 5, 2013

Fortunei Hyacinthina is the preferred hosta. Our daughter's cat keeps eating it's leaves. Won't touch Winter Warrior or City Lights!

And I've read that they can be toxic to cats and dogs. So far, cat hasn't showed any symptons.


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Gesila, I've read both, and the more I read up, the more conflicting info I get. I wish I could tell you. Hopefully some of our dog-and-cat-loving Hostaholics we share the Forum with know for a fact yes-or-no.

Don B.

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bernd ny zone5

To prevent them eating hostas all you probably have to do is spray Liquid Fence or some pepper solution on the leaves and the cat.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

get rid of the cat.. he's an idiot..

you can eat them.. made into a zucchini type loaf.. or sauteed in butter.. with escargot ....

so what exactly could be toxic to a cat???

the problem with the web.. is you can read 'something' all over the place.. with little or no clue if the source has any real clue what they are talking about.. dont you think ...

now get back to tax time.. so we can get a couple million posts and pix from you starting 4/16 ...


PS: i am a firm believer.. that animals are not really smart enough to commit suicide.. and as such.. really cant poison themselves .... if it disagrees with THEM.. not you.. they stop eating it.. its a survival mechanism ....

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Oh my Ken, it was just the humor I needed to get me through the next 10 days. Thanks!


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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

My cats play among the hostas, they like to sleep under Blue angel. I can't say I've ever noticed them eating any. Never found a dead one under a hosta yet. Lilies are also said to be extremely toxic to cats and I have lots of lilies as well and though they like to play their own version of leap lily they have no interest in eating them.

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