Selling my Large staghorn fern

boomer2October 14, 2007

I will moving out-of-state in the near future and I have to sell my Large staghorn fern. Anyone interested in buying it or a possible trade? The staghorn is chained in a ball. It is roughly 3 feet in diameter and weighs 200 lbs. I have a pulley rope to assist in loading it on a truck or trailer. It is about 35 years old. I can send pictures.

PS. I noted that forum rules prohibit advertising but allows trades. If this constitutes as advertising, please remove my posting.

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boomer - this post will probably get pulled, but my suggestion is to just break it into pieces and give them pieces away. Either that, or just leave it with the house for the new owners.

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A great specimen like this must worth something! We had one at our ZOO. People are taking pictures with it. Offer it to different businesses: big nurseries, ZOO, big hotels, even Disney maybe and Disney Resort Hotels, airports (why not?). Send hundred e-mails, someone maybe interested.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

let me tell you my staghorn story.Our frinds were moving and wanted to SELL their two staghorns.We said No Thank You too expensive.
Later our painter said they told him he could HAVE it. As he was painting he told us that the hurricane had downed his oaks and he couldn't use them but he would get them for us. He helped u hang them in our front oak tree.
About 6 months later we put our home on the market and the family who was buying it had bought the house of our first friends(staghorn owner)It had been damaged in the atorms so they now wanted our home.
The owner to be said, "when we bought the last house the owners had left two nice staghorns just like these but someone came one day and STOLE them!"
Apparently the painter didnt realize someone had taken possession of the home when he went to get them!

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

Golden that is too funny a story!!

I see staghorns advertised in our local paper under plants for sale. I don't know if they actually sell or not but there's another option to try.
You could also trade off pieces of it in the plant trade forum or tropical or even here and maybe get plants that will be suitable in your new zone. A lot of people who are not in the sub tropics love those exotic looking things. I've trade some away and sold some on ebay.

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would you please post a picture of it. I like to see one big like that.

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I would be glad to post a picture but not sure how to. I can send anyone a picture if they email me. My email address is

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Boomer, list it on, and you will sell it FAST! Post a picture for fastest results.

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horse_chick(Sunset 26)

What species is your stahorn? P. bifucatum or P superbum maybe?

I collect the rarer types. I have P. elephantotis, P. grande and P. alcicorné

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your suggestions. I hope to have some pictures by tomorrow. Two forum members were grateful enough to offer help posting them.

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I had a big one hanging on a fig tree and mom asked if she could have it. I didnt dare give it away as I had already signed a contract - sold the house.
I mentioned it to the buyers at closing and they said give it to her.
Dad went to take it and tons of ants came out and chased him away. He left it be.

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I had to laugh about the ants pouring out....

We had a large one at our old house, about 3 feet across and weighed a ton! When we moved a couple of months ago "Seymour" came with us. When we started taking it down from the tree it hung from, out poured the ants! Then when my husband climbed the ladder to disconnect it out flew a bat right into his face!!

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boomer2's fern:

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horse_chick(Sunset 26)

It's a P. bifurcatum

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i was lucky enough to find one about that large on a neighbor's yardtrash pile.

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Early Bird 2007, Thank you for posting my pictures. I have listed it on ebay for $295.00 Just trying to get something for it, as I heard it would retail for around $1200. I am moving quickly and would take offers or a trade. Let me know if you are interested. It would look great hanging on an old live oak tree.

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