Longest Blooming Daylilies

shive(6b TN)November 6, 2010

What were your longest blooming daylilies last season? I always figured high bud counts would give me the longest blooming cultivars. But I kept records this year on both bud counts and days of bloom. Only three of the daylilies on my longest blooming list were also on the highest bud count list. Those were I REMEMBER YOU, ROYAL JESTER and SILVER RINGS. I've found a lot of the ones with high bud counts bloom multiflora and go through those buds pretty quickly. Here are my dozen longest blooming daylilies, all of which had some rebloom:

1. EDGE OF YOUR SEAT with 73 continuous days of bloom and three bloom cycles.

2. BELLA SERA with 65 days of bloom

3. ROYAL JESTER with 65 days of bloom

4. ZEPHYR'S SONG with 63 days of bloom

5. ADAMAS with 59 days of bloom

6. SIERRA GRANCE 57 days

7. UNINHIBITED 54 days

8. I REMEMBER YOU 53 days

9. CRAZY IVAN 53 days


  1. RUBY LIPSTICK 51 days

12 SILVER RINGS 50 days

Please let us know your longest blooming ones.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, those are all just beautiful.I didnt keep track of length of blooms on any of mine.I just looked each day to see how many blooms I had, not how long each of them bloomed.Maybe next year,I can be more observant..These blooms are so gorgeous, and is sad to have to wait so long to see more blooms.Thank you for sharing your beauties.


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I had never thought about recording the bloom dates of my daylilies. I'll have to remember to do that next year. Offhand I would say it would be Supreme Apricot Ruffles. She started flowering in mid June and kept blooming til the beginning of August. I really like Sierra Grance. I always wonder if the ones I see here will be hardy in Canada. Marg

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Radiation Biohazard started blooming July 18th and finished blooming September 9th. There was no rebloom. That was all on original scapes.

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shive(6b TN)

Marric - I had a typo on a daylily name. That should be SIERRA GRANDE not SIERRA GRANCE. And it's a dormant, so it should be hardy for you

Edward - That's a long time for Radiation Biohazard to be blooming. Was it a bud builder?


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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

I keep my records by how many days there was actually a bloom on the plant. All these were in the 30 - 40 day range last summer.

Chorus Line
Little Wart
Planet Max
Abstract Art
Two Part Harmony
Lullaby Baby
Big Kiss
Zella Virginia
Frans Hals

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From the look of the scape it appears to be a bud builder.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I didn't keep any written records last year. Everything started blooming so early that it totally threw me for a looop.

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Cindy zone 6a

My longest bloomer was New Series, well over 6 weeks, and the other one was Kansas Kitten, again over 6 weeks, but it had rebloom scapes that kept coming. NS was all on original scapes. Here is New Series

Kansas Kitten

Duck's Luck, kept putting up scapes, over 6 weeks again. I didn't keep clear records of when the daylilies had finished , I did keep track of FFO. I just know that these three were going strong, and I was amazed, Also, Debra, those are awesome pictures, I see a few that I have on my wish list. Here is Duck's Luck

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Wow Debra thats some gorgeous pics. I don't keep records either just wanted to say how gorgeous your lilies are. Judy

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Julia NY(6)

We had so many that kept going and honestly, I didn't have the garden time I usually do this year to keep my eye on how long. Ones that do instantly come to mind were JERSEY SPIDER and LIGHT OF THE WORLD. I'm sure there are others. Maybe next year if I don't get wrapped up in another project I'll be better at record keeping. I hope!

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Debra, you keep better records than I do. I kept track of bud counts, scapes and first and last blooms, but didn't note what was blooming every day. I know most of these took days off between first and last blooms.

SILOAM LITTLE GIRL had FFO on June 30 and LFO on Oct. 12, but there was a long break between first bloom and rebloom.

BIG TIME HAPPY had FFO on June 27 and LFO on Sept.7

JEAN WOOTEN had FFO on June 30 and LFO on Sept. 13

STRING THEORY had FFO on June 15 and LFO on August 10. It was new this year so I have no idea what will happen next year.

REGENCY SUMMER had FFO on June 28 and LFO on August 24.

All the above rebloomed.

DECATUR CHERRY SMASH had FFO on July 1 and LFO on August 21

RADIANT RUFFLES had FFO on July 9 and LFO on August 24.

These two had high bud counts and bloomed on original scapes.


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shive(6b TN)

It's interesting to see what your long blooming varieties were. Some of them did not bloom well for me. Kansas Kitten, for example, never has many buds for me and has never rebloomed. Zella Virginia is another one that is not a long bloomer in my garden. Obviously, both of those probably need more sun and water where I have them planted.


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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

Yes, Zella Virginia was a big surprise to me also. I don't think it's entirely a matter of growing conditions; except for a couple of stalwarts, my top ten is different every year even though most are in the the same location. Here's my top ten from 2009

Spacecoast Sweet Eye
Two Part Harmony
Aztec Gold
Chorus Line
Elfin Envoy
Long John Silver
Make Believe Magic
Pure and Simple

and from 2008 (yes, I'm a daylily nerd)

Chorus Line
Gordon Biggs
Taken By Storm
Collector's Choice
Elizabeth Salter
Gentle Shepherd
Golden Prize
Planet Max
Pure and Simple
Sherry Lane Carr

The only long-bloomer from the posts above that I grow is Moonlit Masquerade. It's in a prime location but it has never made my top 10.

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shive(6b TN)

Randomharvest - That's an interesting point about your longest bloomers being different every year. Of the ones I posted above, only Adamas, Ruby Lipstick and Zephyr's Song, were on my longest bloomers list last year. I've had Moonlit Masquerade longer than any of those others, and it was my longest bloomer for the first five years I had it, but during our three years of drought, it did not perform well. It made a stunning comeback this year.

What I have noticed for most daylilies that are NOT dormant, after a stellar bloom year, they tend to have a mediocre bloom season to recover. Dormants, on the other hand, seem to build an even bigger crown over the winter, and perform about the same for me each season.


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Very good information and great pictures!

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My longest bloomers were Colorado Moonfire.

(It actually was my first and last to bloom, and it had five bloom cycles with at least two scapes every time...and I had moved it last year to what I thought would be a better place. Must have been a better place. Not a fancy bloom, but what a workhorse!

Pink Gingham: Four bloom cycles, and multiple blooms as well.

Purple Maze: Multiple bloom cycles; not a lot of blooms at one time, but blooms for a long time, and another with multiple cycles.

Philistine Champion: Like the Energizer bunny. Kept going and going.

Brazen Bandit: bloomed all the long season with few interruptions

and Mask of Time: Plain but plentiful blooms from the beginning to the end of the season.

As you all kow, this was a very unusual season because of the mild weather and early start. I've had a couple of three cycles blooms before, but never like this.

Great thread Debra.


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Beautiful pictures! This IS a great thread and I have a lot of these on my wish list and have already purchased quite a few based on the recommendations here.


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I won't send a picture, but we have two pretty blooms on Beautiful Edgings today, with five more to go if they make. Our weather is supposed to be pretty mild until a storm system comes in Sunday night, so maybe BE can bloom at least a couple more before the absolute end. Avedon

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Did you know it was a bud builder? I just won one on LA. It is a very beautiful daylily and I am happy to have gotten it.

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GM Flowers: Beautiful Edgings was a Lily Auction win for me last year. It was planted in the fall of 2011 and has been absolutely wonderful when it began blooming this year. Didn't know it was a bud builder until I began counting buds in August. I just hope it can do the same next year. Avedon

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I am not sure if they do it every year or not, some people talk like they are unpredictable. It might be a bud builder for you but not your neighbor next door, etc. I think it just has a lot to do with proper watering and nutrients, and sunshine!

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

FYI for everyone, this was the 2010 thread. There is also a 2012 thread somewhere around here.


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I found it. Thanks.

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