Hosta Virginia Reel

Areyah_Zone7April 28, 2014

Another new aquisition is hosta Virginia Reel. As far as I have been able to determine only small TC liners are currently available no OS. The petioles and leaves will elongate as it matures the color changing more to a bluish green and white. This hosta is a cross between Crepe Suzette & Riptide from Judy Springer were in 1995 it was the star of the AHS convention that same year. It was not until 4 years later Roy Herold of Massachusetts would allow it to be propagated but would remain an obscure plant till now. It is reported to top out at around 8 inches high and 14 inches wide. Plant Delights has an excellent picture of a mature specimen. This plant was not acquired from them however.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Another lovely soft/mellow but pretty hosta. Sorry to see you go, Areyah.

I'm posting because I like the hosta, also so it doesn't sit there at the top till eternity, folks. :-)


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I'm hoping to have a plant that looks like that some day, but unfortunately the starter plants of Virginia Reel that I received from Walters Gardens last summer were mostly junk with a lot of rotten roots and rotten crowns. I couldn't see the damage until I rinsed off all of the paper that they use to start their hostas in which, in my experience, contributes to rot in a lot of their production plants. Oh well, hopefully what I have will turn into something in a couple more years :(

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jadie88(7 MD)

What a nice looking plant. I love that kind of hazy quality to the leaf.

Chris, we'll be looking for these a couple years from now! :) If anyone can whip some unhappy starters into shape, you can.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I usually google first, then ask questions. So I googled "starter plant" which I found means the same as TC....and also means "plug". An advanced starter I would then assume means a starter/TC/plug that has been growing longer at the source before being offered up for sale?

Curious Jo

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I just read Chris's post again with reference to paper grown. I'm very curious now. Chris I hope you come back to this post. Thanks, Jo

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bkay2000(8a TX)

If he doesn't, you can post on his forum, email the question to him or email the link to him and ask him to respond. He always does, as far as I know.


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Some wholesale growers have stopped using traditional plastic pots for their starter plants (plugs/TCs) and now use a paper pot/plug that is supposed to be easier for production and be easier to shift up in production as you supposedly don't have to remove the paper and in time it will just break down in the soil.

The first time I received any plants in these paper pots was in 2006 on some Heuchera plugs. They all died over the winter of 2006/2007 and when I contacted the supplier their exact words were "Sucks to be you." I lost a little over $3,000 in starter plants (cost) and that was the response. I must not have been the only one with problems, though, because within 3 years they had completely discontinued the use of paper plugs.

I had a long response typed out here and decided to just stop as I don't need to air my troubles here, but you can google elle plug and ellepot plug to find out what these paper pots are about. I really do recommend that if you ever receive a plant in this paper that you remove all of it. Even fine pits of the paper left on roots can rot them. I think some of it is dry rot but that can then stress the plant so it gets secondary fungal or bacterial rot too.

Hope that helps to ease your curiousity a bit. ;)


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Thank you, Chris! I really appreciate you explaining but am sorry to have dredged up a bad memory for you. I'm aghast at the losses you sustained and all you got was a lame "sucks to be you"!

Thank you for the heads up re the paper. Good and important information to share. Going to read about elleplug now. :-)


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I think that's been the state of American 'Customer Service' in recent years, Jo, generally speaking...

...Thanks very much for the info on the elle-type pots and such, Chris. Now I'm going to go sit outside on my front porch and wait for a box from Hallson Gardens. Should be here tomorrow. : )

Don B.

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I think about that little piece of wood that you use to roll a newspaper strip on to make a small pot....I bought one of those things after I used one at Festival of Flowers here in Mobile, to make small pots for gift plants going to the kids who attended the Keep Mobile Beautiful exhibit. I still have the two pieces of wood (the paper roller and the bottom stomper) but haven't used them.

I'm glad Chris said that removing all the newspaper pieces is important, because I get some plants shipped with newspaper wet around the roots. Now I'll be extra careful to remove all signs of newspaper.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Lol, Don! Well, lad, it's 2:20 in Colorado right now - you must still be on the porch waiting for your Hallson order, huh? Lol


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...Should be here aaany minute now...Good thing I put on wool socks, it got chilly last night...

Don B.

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I cannot remember which one is shipping, but somebody is sending an order this way Monday morning. I hope to be totally repotted/uppotted/totallypotted by the time they get here.

It is also cool here today, Don. I had my serious work shoes with the wooly socks on, ready to go to work after morning appointments. Yet here comes the bug man, the dog disappears and I freak out driving the street looking for her...Last week it was the older one caught beneath the steps of DH's workshop. This week, the young one turns out to have climbed the spiral metal stairs to the loft of my Teahouse studio, and I was emotionally exhausted for fear she was LOST. To show that I am not afraid of work, I can sit down in the middle of it.

My serious working shoes, not the white picture-taking clogs..Note the stack of mini pine bark nuggets. Not showing is a similar stack of cypress mulch. Ho hum, manana is good enough for me.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Lately I've been opening a thread, especially if it's a long-ish one, then immediately I go to "post a follow-up" which brings me to the bottom of the last post. From there I work my way up....and sometimes, Other times I enjoy every post more than once. I just opened this thread, did my usual, and just started to laugh out loud! There is the pot piggy and there are the feet - I didn't have to look for the screen signature to know it was Mocc! Especially after her recent post about the white clogs! Always anticipating, I recognized and remembered from last year the anecdotes about flying piggies, etc. Then I read back a few posts to see if anything provoked this wonderful shot. Yup, there's Don and his comment on woollies. You guys, all of you guys provide so much comic relief, and I just gotta say, thanks, eh? Still rotfl


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When you read the thread that way, Jo, it makes one wonder just how it got to that off-topic spot, right? It is similar to playing "pass it on" in class, where the teacher makes a whispered statement to the first person in class, who passes on what s/he heard to the very last person, who then repeats it to the teacher. I forget what the point is, but it truly demonstrates how spoken communication is scrambled.

Then along comes a forum, like ours, where we vary in our use of words, express ourselves with puns, satire, slapstick, formal or casual grammar, proper know......(haha)....and the plot always thickens.

I think your bottom up approach to threads has a lot to recommend it. I might try it for the long ones.

Don it's time to go inside now, USPS is done for the day.

Oh yeah. actually I can see part of my stack of cypress mulch to the left of the Teahouse, through the vertical bars of the deck rail. Twenty one bags of that, 20 bags of pine bark mini nuggets. 48 black nursery pots waiting to be loaded with mix and hosta. Not all NEW HOSTA, mind you, some are old hosta on the up pot cycle. (I need more pots.)

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Yes, Mocc. I'm inside now. With my Hallson Gardens order! : )

Don B.

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Perfect! It will be a great weekend for digging in the dirt, Don. When mine arrived, they were maybe some white pips in the peat, but nothing colored up. It did not take long for them to respond to the warmth, the water, and the welcome.

Cannot wait to see how yours look. Happy Day!

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