pressure canner for induction cooktop?

ilovepoco(z5 Boston USA)September 7, 2011

We just finished a kitchen renovation and replaced our gas range with an induction cooktop. Love the speed, control, and easy cleaning, and we were pleased to find that about 95% of our existing pots and pans work with the new unit.

Unfortunately, my Mirro pressure canner is one of the 5% that didn't make the cut. Can anyone recommend a pressure canner that works on an induction cooktop?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Honestly don't think there is one. Macy posts here and has induction I think but had to create an alternative canning kitchen. From what I have read on other canning forums, so did everyone else - find an alternate heat source for canning that is.

Really only 3 brands of PC - Presto, All American, and Mirro so going to their respective websites or calling them will tell you if using them on induction is even possible.


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Macy posted one for me a while back. it's a smaller one so you can only do 4 quarts at a time. I don't own it yet due to lack of funding but it's on my wish list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fagor Pressure Canner

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ilovepoco(z5 Boston USA)

Thanks for the feedback. I'll check out the Fagor. I have a 2-burner propane camp stove for power outages which I was trying to avoid for canning because when you use the high-power burner it sounds like there's a jet plane readying for takeoff in the backyard :o)

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I bought the Fagor, and tried it out for the first time last weekend. I peeled too many potatoes and after filling both canners with quarts, I still had enough left over for 4 more quarts, so after they were done, I brought them in and used the Fagor. It worked just fine. The main drawback is that it holds at 8lbs and 15lbs, so for canning you have to do everything at 15lbs.

When you turn the knob to "open" it vents like normal, then you turn it to the 2nd position, and when it reaches pressure, it gave a "pop" sound and started releasing pressure. I turned the heat down so it kept a gentle steady stream (per instructions) and it was real easy to control on the induction. It also has a little pop-up indicator for when the pressure is down to zero, so no guessing there.

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I also second the Fagor though it only holds four quart jars or four wide mouth pints at a time. I bought a cooks brand induction unit which is great by the way from JC penny and it works fine on that it also works fine on a glass cooktop stove. it is stainless steel. I think it is currently on sale at

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