Lady Bugs Swarming in the South

amberroses(10a)October 31, 2013

"The ladybug population in central Tennessee has ballooned this year, an entomologist says"..........

Is this a bad thing? I hope they make it down here. Maybe it is one of those be careful what you wish for situations.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lady Bug Swarm

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My parents live in the Nashville area and are inundated with them right now. They can literally scoop them up in clumps from their doorway. They are coming down for a visit in a couple of weeks and said if they are still around, they'll bring me a jar of them. ! :)

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We used to have them when we lived in the North. They are horrible and come in swarms by the thousands. They aren't the regular ladybug but an Asian Beetle. I sure hope they never make it this far south.

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Well, I guess you can have too much of a good thing. I remember when I was younger the lady bugs were very red with evenly spaced black spots. For a while I saw a lot of orange ones. Lately, they've been getting more red, but not the same as the ones I remember.

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They are welcome to come eat my whiteflies. This is the worst I've seen for about 25 years.

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