Hoya with the best fragrance

chezronJune 30, 2012

I have fond memories of my Mom's Hoya blooming and filling the house with the most pleasant and intense fragrance. This was an amazing plant and a small cluster of flowers were intoxicating. The flowers dripped when it bloomed. I think it was a Hoya carnosa, but I don't know for sure.

We finally moved back to California and bought a Hoya. It has been a year now and it is blooming. I am so disappointed by the lack of practically any fragrance. I have even tried sniffing at other times of the day and night, in case it only puts out fragrance at odd times. No fragrance! Do you know of a Hoya with lots of perfume?

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My lacunosa smells quite strongly and pleasantly of perfume - kind of reminds me a bit of how marzipan smells. I think it's lovely, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. It flowers willingly too - not a hard plant to grow. :) Carnosa also smells strongly, and the fragrance is very nice.

What kind of Hoya do you have? Do you have a picture of it or of it's flowers?

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I have not gotten to that point yet for the best or strongest fragrance, but my lacunosa smells like fruit loops cereal to me. The blooms are small and fuzzy yellow, it likes to be on the dry side for me. ~ Mary

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

My favorites for fragrance are
H. Lacunosa
H. Shepherdii
H. tomatensis
H. Australis

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Had to pop in and put in my 2 cents worth. (Been crazy-busy lately...)

For me, I have to stick my nose right in carnosa to smell it. I would agree with Klea that lacunosa is right at the top of the list for both strength of fragrance and how universally appealing it is. I don't think I've ever heard someone say they didn't like the fragrance of lacunosa whereas some of the others are very subjective.

I love the fragrance of verticillata (another easy bloomer). I've been pleasantly surprised by the strong and pleasing fragrance of micrantha, whose flowers are even tinier than lacunosa. I like the sort of musky fragrance of the pubicalyx cultivars.

Chezron - are you growing your Hoya outside? I think they're almost impossible to smell when they're outside.

Denise in Omaha

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Mine are outside but the H. australis ssp rupicola fragrance, like a sweet talc, carries a good distance. That's probably my favourite. The H. densifolia carries quite well too but the fragrance is spicy sweet. My H. lacunosa and publicalyx don't have much fragrance at all.

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I'm most partial to the spicy/musky perfume of sp. Estrella. It is only noticeable at night, but it reaches right across the room and grabs you by the collar. If you could bottle it as a cologne, every man should wear it - very sexy! (Is that wrong to say about a flower?)

Hoya lambii and finlaysonii are very pleasant too.

And I get a ton of gastronomical pleasure out of heuschkeliana's heavy buttery fragrance.

I definitely think it's weird that your plant doesn't have a strong fragrance. There are plenty of Hoyas with faint scents (stronger at night), but the species we tend to see at local shops generally have pronounce fragrances. I wonder if it's a cultivar that has been selected for other traits.

Still, it's great you were able to bring it to bloom, so I say get your hands on a cutting of an old school carnosa and you will be smelling that strong fragrance you grew up in no time.

@ Klea

That's a great description for lacunosa. That is how it smells to me, too. A faintly nutty sweetness.

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It's funny to me how many people like the scent of lacunosa. I agree it is a strong scent, but I don't like it. To me is smells just like carnations, which you only ever smell at funerals.

Just a not good association in my mind.

My favorite is.... limoniaca. Strong, sweet but citrusy at the same time. Plus since it is a rampant bloomer for me, I get to smell it often.


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Hoya sp Estrella and sp Palawan GPS 9057 are blooming at the moment and they smell just incredible. Hoya lambii is another favourite with it's smoky sweet vanilla like scent. I also love the scent of Hoya obscura and Hoya shepherdii's blooms.

There are still so many that I have not smelled. There are also many that don't smell particularly nice and others with no scent at all.


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I was once on vacation and found a lacunosa for sale that was in bloom! I bought it and took it back to hotel. That night we went out to eat, and when we came back the room smelled so Good! Im guessing because it was such a small space and closed off for awhile. I fell in love with it.

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