Darn, Ken was right...again

bkay2000(8a TX)April 3, 2013

I posted on this a few weeks ago. Turns out that orange thing was some kind of rot, which I haven't seen before. I popped it out of the container and the roots looked fine. Next time, I'll know to wash off all the soil. (You know my grandpa's saying - some people live and learn, some just live.).

It was on Pizzazz, so I guess Ken was right (one more time). It didn't last long.. Hey, it went great guns last year, it's first year.

There was so little of it left when I realized the problem, I just trashed it.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

man i cant hear that enough.. sure dont hear it around the house much.. lol ...

but i dont understand.. all those beautiful pips.. just melted into oblivion???

if so.. i have to say.. i think someone else suggested the rot.. credit where credit is due ...

but i am the one.. who for a decade has said Pizzazz is a piece of carp ... lol ...

if i can save just one person from ever wasting the money.. i will be happy



ps: you know.. i try not to make most of this stuff up.. lol ...

PPS: even had you washed it all off.. bleached it to the max.. it would have died anyway.. i have NEVER saved a plant.. once its rotted .... never ....

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bkay2000(8a TX)

No, I don't think anyone knew what it was. Someone suggested it was the remains of a scape, but I didn't remember.

The part about you being right was the suicide Pizzazz.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

This is getting old. Let's start a "Ken was Wrong again" thread.


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Maybe it's this nasty stuff?

Don B.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Rust Mold on Plants'

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Sorry,but Pizzazz has always grown well for me,and it's in a half whiskey barrel,planted outside in my garden. Not everyone can grow every plant. I have a June,and it's always been a slow grower,and this year it finally has 3 eyes,even after I've had it since 2005. Just my opinion. Phil

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I took the photo on 2/17. The [orange] spot was firm. I pulled it out of the pot, and it had good root structure.

Beginning the first of March, we've had lots of cool/cold weather, so everything that wasn't up by then stalled out. I had ignored the pot. Actually, it didn't look that different than it did on 2/17.

Tuesday, I noticed fungus gnats on it. Most of the crown had rotted and was separate from the roots at that point. I may have been able to save one pip, but I have a ton of tiny plants I'm nursing back from the demon doglet's rampages, so I just chunked it. (I fell like I'm running a hosta baby icu right now with all the tiny plants.)

It's too bad, too. It seemed like it was going to do well and I really liked the shape.

I'll recognize the problem next time, though.


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That dog's still alive? ;)

Don B.

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