What to do with Black Walnuts?

harriet05September 29, 2006

we have 6 trees in the yard, and they are dropping like crazy. I go out 2 times a day and gather them up. Besides giving them to the squirels, what else can I use these for? Are they bitter? Are they big enough to bother shelling?

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CA Kate

They have a unique taste and are used in everything from ice cream to cake. They are worth the effort IF you like the taste.

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also good for dying.

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shammierock(5blue water/MI)

Black walnuts in fudge; black walnuts in zucchini bread, cookies, cakes, YUMMY! Just love them! Shammie

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gardenlad(6b KY)

If you can figure out how to shell them, they are great anyway you use them. Eat them right out of the shells, bake with them, use in anything you would use regular walnuts, crush them and use as a breading for fish & chicken....the list goes on and on.

The trick isn't figuring what to do with them. The trick is getting them out of their shells.

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CA Kate

Oh, and make sure you wear heavy rubber gloves when handling the husks; they'll turn your hands black.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

My dad used to freeze the walnuts before shelling. They still aren't "easy" but that did seem to improve things.


Here is a link that might be useful: How to Shell Black Walnuts

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An old Southern favorite was black walnut divinity. Just add the chopped nuts to a regular divinity recipe.

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CA Kate

OHHHHH! missem ---- I haven't had Black Walnut Divinity in years. YUMMM

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We used to throw them in the driveway and run over them to remove the husks, but cracking them is still a chore. Dad made a little hollow in a 2x6 and I put the nuts in there and smack 'em with a hammer, then Dad picks nutmeats at night while watching TV.

I don't care much for them, and preparing them is time consuming and difficult. I mostly pick them up in 5 gallon buckets and toss them into the ravine at the back of the pasture.


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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Black walnuts taste great, but getting at them is indeed the problem. I probably won't bother this year. I might send some home with my industrious aunt when she visits later this month.

I was doing some repotting of plants in containers today. In particular I was replacing a plant that died. I was surprised that it had died, since I have another same age/origin that was doing great. Well, I found 2 walnuts buried in the pot. That probably killed the plant, either the evil walnut ooze or the digging itself. ANYWAY, I found that the shell crumbled in my fingers after having been buried in the dirt for some weeks. It's a theory anyway. Certainly easier than how I dehusked them 2 years ago. (Last year I collected a big bag of walnuts and foolishly left it outside for the shells to rot off. While I was away during the winter, squirrels/mice ate them all. To tell the truth, I was relieved.) I don't know how husking nuts can be worth the calories expended in doing so.


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