New hosta #4 on the rebuilding my hosta patio garden 2014 project

Brandys_garden(6)April 18, 2014

I went by the garden center on Hwy 76, at least one other person on this forum knows what I'm talking about. She didn't have much, just mostly Wheee eyes and Francee pips. She said she had some mostly unfurled Krossa Regals but the freeze damaged most of them... However she did have a couple on display that weren't too badly damaged. I picked one out. I couldn't really see the damage until it was pointed out to me... But she sold it to me for half price ($5). So I consider it a win!
Krossa Regal

BME is starting to unfurl now!!!

The whole view today. I think I'm covered on blue's now!

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Your Krossa Regal will turn your patio into a jungle by the end of summer. Good purchase.

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Yes the krossa I have was big last year..this year it is going nuts so you might want to think of a patio extension in the near future

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jadie88(7 MD)

Krossa Regal is one of those we don't always rave about, but it has such a serenity and presence to it, doesn't it? It's one your eyes just want to linger on.

Frost damage is passing, but $5 hosta deals are forever. :)

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Hi Brandy,
This is my Krossa Regal 2 years ago. You are going to need a really big pot eventually. He grows fast. Lovely choice. Krossa Regal was the hosta that started my obsessive collecting. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!!

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Yep, a MONSTER pot. You might have to keep dividing it. I lost a couple big hostas this winter. They just got too big to haul out of the pots and put in the ground over winter. I tried covering them, but they rotted. No big loss, as they were Honeybells reverted to plain green, but they did look nice in those big pots. (sigh). Anyhow, gorgeous as a big KR is, you'll have to keep a potted one cropped back or buy one of those megapots you see in shopping malls. Your garden is looking nice!

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Luckycat, I remember that picture AND the shoe for scale. Has that been TWO YEARS?

Be sure to give a new school picture of your Krossa Regal when it fully leafs out this spring. It was a beauty in this picture.

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Thanks everyone! I think I like it a lot? It's different and "unique" it adds its own something special to my hosta garden for sure! I wasn't sure I would like it so I debated on it for a few minutes but $5 was too good a deal to pass up just because of some barely noticeable frost damage!

I relocated it into Luna Moth's old pot. It's bigger. I ordered Cherry Berry today, so I'll need the smaller one I had it in for her. The pot it's in now should (hopefully) last a couple of years? I put it in front because it says it's more sun tolerant. If that's wrong, I can always move it later but for now, it's good.

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Here's my patio garden today... Just watered them, except for the dormant ones.

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And the walk up view

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