Newbie Photo Update... And Questions as usual... ;o)

JYearoutOctober 27, 2011

Well I am nearly 2 months into my first gardening attempt. It has been thrilling, frustrating, time occupying, and mentally relaxing. All and all I am loving it. I am days away from harvesting my first fruit (Cucumber) YAY! :o) and have had to pull a few plants because of poor growth BOO! ;o(

Here are some of my updates with each picture I have a few questions/issues with the plants in that particular picture. I am gardening organic so any tips or techniques please keep that in mind. Thank you!

Here is my 1x7 raised bed. In it there are 2 plots of Snap Peas, a Collard, a Cantaloup, another Collard and 2 plots of Green Beans...

Question: Peas and Beans are really struggling here. I have done 2 plantings and over half fail to complete germination. Is this a result of poor "all day" sunlight, soil, watering?


Here is my large 2 Salad & Veggie Garden Beds. Below I have snapped a picture of each of them individually and my questions. ;o)

In here you will find from Top R to L then working down... Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and a Fresh Crookneck Squash replanted. Turnips, Peppers (Still not growing), Okra, Eggplant. NZ Spinach in 2 plots, Traditional Spinach in 2 plots. Carrots, Green Onion & Garlic (co-planted) and Purple Carrots.

Things in this bed are growing fairly well. My only real question is how do I handle the invasion of these little green caterpillars on my Cucumber plants? They as you can see are eating the leaves like crazy and I had to cut and destroy 3 baby Cuckes today because they had setup a little home in them. GRR!!!

In here you will find from Top R to L then working down... Zucchini, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes. Eggplant (original didn't germinate), Okra, Peppers (still not growing) and Turnips. Green Salad Bowl Lettuce, Strawberry Spinach in 2 plots, and Eva's Burgundy Lettuce. Eva's, Arugula, Radishs, and salad bowl.

Things in this bed are growing fairly well except for my Cucumbers!!! I don't know if it is because these were invaded by those damned green caterpillars worse or what. So again, my question is how do I handle the invasion of these little green caterpillars on my Cucumber plants? This plant I have cut off most of the worst leaves 90%+ brown and destroyed, it has not set forth any fruit even little ones to die ;o( Another question in this bed is with Strawberry Spinach. Its just struggling along there any way to give it a little boost?

Both of the last 2 beds have peppers (Yellow & Red Bell) that were transplanted and didn't make it and so I have recently planted seed. Any tips?


This is my strawberry bed. In it you have 5 plots of Strawberries, 2 White Rabbit Tomatoes (Top Middle), 2 plots Arugula (Bottom Right), Scallop Squash seedling replanted (Bottom Left). The 2 other watered spots are Jalapeno Peppers.

Super impressed by the Strawberry Plugs, they looked like hell when I first planted them and quickly grew new leaves and are starting to expand.

Questions: Squash. My last 2 died off a pretty hard death. I think it may have been a result of either over watering or the simple heat and humidity in the air. Anything tips for growing beautiful squash?


Finally my herb and flower garden. Johnny Jump ups and pansies are the primary sprouts we are seeing. There is also some Thyme, Oregano, Cilantro, Sweet & Cinnamon Basil, Garlic Chives and Parsley. Everything is doing well except the Spearmint still no germination there.

No questions on this Plot! Thanks to all for giving me a place to share and find answers to the questions I face in this new gardening venture!

All comments, tips, techniques, praises and criticisms are welcome. Thank you again!

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zzackey(8b GA)

It's too hot for English peas now, if that's what your snap peas are. They need to be planted in about December where you are. Have you visited your local ag. center? They should be able to advise you on your plants.

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L_in_FL(8B/9A Border, NW FL)

Maybe it's different in Z10, but up here, mints can be invasive. I planted spearmint in my in-ground garden once. I'm not doing that again! It reseeds and propagates from even small pieces of root left behind. (On the plus side, my hands always smelled nice after weeding!)

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are you adding any water soluable fertilizer? Fish Emulsion is organic. That might give your plants a little boost. Cucumbers I have no advice for, I can't grow them it seems, my plants always succumb to Powdery Mildew or underwater or overwatering. For the bugs, I'd use Neem or safer's insecticidal soap.

I just moved and I'm currently in the process of starting my raised beds and should be planting this weekend if everything goes as plan. Per all my research, various websites this is what I'm going to plant now in ground as seeds.. I'm in west Broward btw:

Bush beans, Carrots, Lettuce, Green Onions and Spinach. I'll probably do weekly seedings so I can have a longer supply.

Transplants that I will be looking for at garden centers:
Brocolli, Summer Squash, Pumpkin and maybe a Tomato.

I'll be starting/germinating all of my herbs indoors and on a covered patio before I put them in the raised bed. I'll be growing most of what you are too.

Good luck and don't be disappointed, if something doesn't grow... start over :)

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For the cucumbers use Bt or Spinosad to kill the little worms or you can go out and hand pick them, but that gets old quickly. Your garden looks very neat and tidy. You're doing pretty well for your first attempt I think.

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