Candy Hearts sport...

hostafreakApril 29, 2013

I just found a streaked sport on one eye of my Candy Hearts hosta,a plant I had for years,with nothing but green leaves. It is on a couple leaves of one eye,but still too small to photograph,as the leaves are still expanding. Also,I found a sport on one of my August Moons which has a variegated edge on a couple leaves. Yeah,I know Abiqua Moonbeam is the name of that sport,and I already have one of those in my garden. This may be the year of the sport! Phil

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Not a sport, but I found a seedling like Captain's Adventure growing in the pot next to it. ould a seedling be up like this so soon? That is Sam Spade hosting the baby plant.

Don't think I'll have many sports, although miniature Oze is turning all green and losing its white margins. Could it be sporting, or just undergoing stressful conditions?

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