Canadian Hoya Cuttings

orkidlady(Alberta, Canada)June 7, 2009

Hi there...

Just thought I would start a new thread as the others are wayyyyyy too long.

All 15 of my cuttings are flourishing and it will be a month tomorrow since I put them all down. I use Dithane exclusively for cuttings and it has yet to ever let me down.

Hope everybody else's is doing great as well.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Joanne,

I've never heard of Dithane; can you pls. explain what that is &/or or how/why you use it. Thanks in advance (TIA).

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orkidlady(Alberta, Canada)


It is a fungicide and it is in a granular form and I use 3/4 tsp to 1 liter of water. I spray it and water once only on my cuttings to prevent any fungus and it sure does work.


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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Thought I remember reading in the other thread that someone had gotten pauciflora...any tips on rooting this one? I have a cutting that's struggling! HELP!

Kelly in WV

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Hi there:

That was me (pauciflora). I'm new to rooting hoyas, but I dipped the ends in rooting hormone, and put them in a small pot (3 inches) inside a baggie. That was about it. I'm surprised you are having problems, as my little p. seemed to root very quickly and is growing leaves at the 3-4 week mark. Mind you, I was sent the cutting by a kind lady here in Canada, and it was only in transit about a week. That might have a lot to do with it...anyway, hope I said something that will help.

Kelly in Victoria

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Hi everyone, greetings from Brazil!!!!!

I was just reading the topics about the cuts you all participate and I would like to know how they are doing after a year and a half!!!!!

Thank you very much if anyone could up to date information.......

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orkidlady(Alberta, Canada)

Hi there,

Well I got I think it was 17 cuttings and I have lost not a one and even had some bloom already!

Very pleased with them all!!!

Anyone else?

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Nice to know that all your cuts are doing well!!!! Interesting because they are tropical plants, I wonder to know how they resist to the winter! Here is a tropical country and we don't face bad wheather (no snow at all)and we don't need a greenhouse to cultivate hoyas, so it is much more easier.....

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