Leaves dry/dead spots on leaves

Rotareneg(5b KS)June 30, 2012

I started this cutting during the winter and it's grown fine, but recently the leaves have developed dead spots:

It's sitting at a west facing window that gets plenty of direct sun in the afternoon. When I noticed the spots I started closing the blinds in the afternoon to block the direct sun, but I'm not sure if that's the problem or not. Anyone recognize what's going on with my plant? Thanks!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Very nice, looks like Carnosa, Sorry I don't recognize the problem. Is there something applied to the leaves that's making them so shiny? Could it be related to that?

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You are correct; it's sun damage. Some Hoyas can handle a western exposure and others can't. It's hard to predict because some of the species that can handle western light have much more delicate looking leaves than carnosa. I had my diversifolia growing in a west window all winter and it loved it, but in the spring I had to move it because it started to suffer.

If you pull your blinds in the afternoon, as you've been doing, I don't think you will have any more problems. My leaves look exactly the same when they get too close to the grow lights.

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Rotareneg(5b KS)

I don't do anything with the leaves to get them shiny, I just mist it with distilled water occasionally (our tap water will leave minerals on the leaves.)

I'll make sure to protect it from too much light, plus I suspect the extreme heat hasn't helped: It's in an room without a/c, and last week it was around 110 or more every day.

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