What's Everyone's Hoyas Doing?

moonwolf_gwJune 20, 2010

Hi everyone,

None of my plants are blooming right now (despite that I follow all the rules, they still refuse to bloom!), unfortunately. However, most are growing like mad! Carnosas and pubicalyxes are really showing new growth and my lacunosa is too! I have switched over to tomato fertilizer from bloom booster after reading a post on here and I think it's working (all that new growth)! All my hoyas are outside and get bright indirect light all day until late afternoon til sunset. Some get more light than others. This year, I've had only two plants bloom for me: lacunosa (back in February) and Red Buttons (a couple months ago).

Some good news is that my passion flower is going to bloom!

I've never grown them before and I'm really excited because this one has bi-colored flowers and a pleasant scent.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Fantastic, Brad! Good growing. :) I've got blooms on obscura and litoralis. Several others are either trying to bud up or trying to bloom . . . we'll see what happens!


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Blooming now: davidcummingii, inconspicua, incurvula (or brevialata, depending on who you talk to...), multiflora, kerrii, latifolia (2nd time from my single peduncle), lacunosa, 'Red Buttons', obscura, fungii, verticillata. Budding up are carnosa rubra, shepherdell, minibelle and 'Krinkle 8'. Everything seems to be growing at a nice pace - even some of the stubborn ones are popping out of what seems like terminal dormancy. New ones I got this spring as cuttings or rooting cuttings are already starting to put on new growth. Though our recent heat/humidity spell has had me languishing, the Hoyas seem to love it. Today we're having a break - cloudy skies, rolling thunder, a little rain, cooler temps and less humidity, so I've been doing some grooming and primping. All's well in Hoyaville!

Denise in Omaha

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Brad most Hoyas just like to make you wait for flowers but once they start some a quite reliable. Just keep doing what you are doing and you should see blooms some time soon.

Denise my Hoya davidcummingii does absolutely nothing, just sits there. I think I might have to rethink it's potting media or something because it's new growth always stalls and dies back.
I have Hoya lambii just finishing blooming, pubicalyx just finishing, DS-70 never stops, wayetii has one lonely group of blooms and multiflora is another perpetual bloomer. Many of my plants are growing like crazy and I have been potting many up into 6" pots with a nice roomy trellis for them to enjoy.


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Something I try to remember about everything in nature: Nature doesn't read the rules. Sometimes our plants just aren't aware of what they're supposed to do! I bet your lacunosa will bloom pretty soon. Mine is flowering now and keeps popping out new peduncles and buds. My obovata is gearing up to bloom again (Brad- I took your cutting today), and all my other hoyas (and other plants) are growing really well.

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I found one of the two davidcummingii in my pot had gotten dehydrated. They've been in a heavy ceramic pot for quite awhile so I moved it up to a 4.5" hanging pot and took cuttings of the dehydrating side. It's in the aquarium fattening back up, but the other piece continues to happily bloom. Mine seems to like a bright spot where it gets some morning sun, dappled through other Hoyas. I spritz it often with VF-11...

Brad, just remember that a lot of us old-timers waited a long, LONG time for blooms. I think I probably grew my few original Hoyas for at least 8 or 9 years before I saw my first bloom. That was before all these fancy fertilizers were available (there was mostly just basic stuff out there...) and when money was so tight, fertilizer of any kind was a luxury! Long before the internet and learning so MUCH so FAST! It was hard to come by any material about Hoyas specifically, so it was all about trial and error. Oh, you'll have gobs of flowers lickety split, with all the great information you have access to!

Denise in Omaha

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TigerDawn, thanks! I'll e-mail you soon!

Mike, maybe my plants'll start getting the idea that it's time to flower. Most have peduncles and I found a new one on my shepherdii. Some are cuttings so they'll take a little while to bloom.

Denise, I've just learned a lot about hoyas from being on this forum! I know it takes a long time for most hoyas to bloom like you said, but they are worth the wait!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Howdy, Brad!

My H. vanuatuensis is outside in a maple tree, putting out tons of new growth. It had been
blooming indoors, but it was covered in aphids, too....

My H. pubicalyx and H. obovata have numerous peduncles. The pubicalyx is growing many new
vines, as well.


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maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)

Hi Brad,

I have been so busy working outside I haven't been as obssesed with my hoyas as I usually am. I did get a good glimps of them this morning and I am amazed at how much most of them have grown. I have 3 flowers on my multiflora, a sweet single bloom on my kerrii, tons and tons of new leaves and vines on AH0240, but the one I am most pleased about is I have two new leaves forming on my pachylada, which I was convinced was never going to grow for me.

I have been giving all of my plants a cocktail of mollasses, peroxide and epson salt. . . and boy have they responded well.

Glad to hear your having luck with your passsion flower. . . they are such a unique looking flower, I love them.

Happy Summer. . .


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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Well this isnt a hoya - but in the hoya family and wow what a fragrance the stephanotis has!

And my carnosa is also flowering - first time flowering

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Maid! My H. AH0240 has stalled! The roots weren't doing so well, so I repotted it . . . still just sitting there, but NOT DEAD. I think it's trying to catch up on root growth. :)


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Congratulations on the blooms everyone.

Golden I took a cutting of my sisters Madagascar Jasmine so hopefully it roots for me because I always enjoy smelling this plants blooms when I see it at the nurserys. Your Hoya carnosa is very nice, are the flowers really that white?


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Golden, congrats on the blooms! I love the color of the carnosa flowers!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Mike - I took a piece off my Stephanotis and rooted it - it rooted pretty easily - mindu I started it in a aquarium with a bottom heat mat.... and yes the carnosa is pretty close to that color - That plant was my mothers she gave it to me - she had it for - I dont know, 5 or 6 years and never flowered - I took it home and it flowered pretty quickly after she gave it to me - I think maybe the spot it is in now just has more light than where she had it.. I guess if the plant doesnt flower maybe its a idea to move it around a little - you think?
(After I posted the photos in here I realized there is another post on June flowers - so I apologize for putting it in the wrong thread! )

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi everyone, I have a few blooming, a couple of new buds trying to form on a couple of first timers, too small
to know if they will actually make it to full buds. Some are stalled right now, might be too hot for some of them? Others are growing like crazy. Can't figure out why some really love this hot/humid weather...while some of my hoyas grows better in the Spring or fall when the weather is not quite SO hot. I guess it depends on where the hoyas natural habitat is? I have a few hoyas that are not doing much, almost like its semi dormant when my weather is this super hot? My sigillatis is one that was growing during Winter through Spring...now its just sitting there.

Golden, Love your flowers! I have a big Stephanotis I almost lost this very cold winter...it survived amazingly enough and has recovered nicely, but NO blooms! I hope to get some soon.

Congrats to everyone that has blooms and new growths! Very exciting isn't it!

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I'm jealous. I've never really smelled a stephanotis. I've seen 'em for sale, and they were blooming, but they weren't really fragrant. And for something that has a reputation of being really fragrant and smelling wonderful, well, it's kind of disappointing to only experience barely fragrant ones. I'm going to have to get another one of these. I had one once, but I didn't really know how to take care of it at the time, and it dried out one too many times.

Mainly, my hoyas are growing. Buotii and sp. Tanna Island have decided to take off again, but this year's winner so far is wayetti. It is shooting vines almost literally everywhere, and there are peduncles all over the place. It has been in bloom constantly once it decided it was grown up enough to bloom. Unfortunately, it is in an awkward position for pictures. The vines are staying pretty leafless for now, but it is making up for it by producing peduncles on these leafless vines instead.

Subcalva and variegated macrophylla have decided to like me ok again, thank goodness. Sp. Square leaf is going down the toilet; I'm going to just have to cut it and start over. Luckily, I have another cutting already started. It looks ok. Not great, but ok. Two out of my three pubicalyx varieties are giving me problems. Pink Silver is happy as a clam in my west window, but Chimera and Splash are worrying me with dropping leaves. We'll see.

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Put quite a few hoyas outside recently and almost all have new growth points! Did move some well rooted cuttings out yesterday...think a couple got a little too much sun today...hope they'll recover! Blooming- the usual suspects: multiflora, bella, brevilata, cv Iris Marie, fungii, DS-70, lacunosa. Budding- variegated acuta- first timer if it doesn't blast, merridithii- first timer, buotii- maybe- keeping my fingers crossed as it's only bloomed once. New peduncles- pandurata.

Hoping for lots and lots of growth and flowers for all this season!


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Quinn I am glad to hear your suncalva is doing better. I was really looking forward to getting that one in my last order but it must have been sold out. :( I did get Hoya magnifica cutting as the substitute and it has rooted very quickly, subcalva will just have to wait for next time.

Kelly I am looking forward to seeing your variegated acuta bloom, fingers crossed. Did you get yours from David Liddle? I have the plain green leafed red flowered form and it has become a big plant but still no peduncles, it's about 2 or 3 years old.


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