Daylily plants growing out of top of stalks

peegeeNovember 3, 2012

Hello all - first timer here hoping to find out something about an oddity in my daughter's yard. Sorry, don't have a photo bucket account or whatever it takes to post a picture, but one of her daylily plants had two side-by-side dried flower stalks each with a plant/leaves growing out of the top. Never saw anything like this before, but figure the experts here likely know about this phenomenon. We haven't looked at it in the last week, so they may be dead now, but, how common is this, how does it happen, and what is it called? Thanks!

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There have been several posts on here & probably other daylily message boards about "proliferations". Do a search and see if the pictures look like what you've seen.


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Thank you!!!!!! I think that is what she has/had...given the cold, it's probably too late, but will try to check it out to see if there is any chance of saving them. Never heard the term before and appreciate your help!!

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