When would My Boya bloom?

sarahkho(5)June 17, 2013


I bought four Hoya plants form a local flower-shop. Two of them have bloomed and the other two did not.

I was wondering maybe something is wrong with the plants or maybe it is not the time for them to bloom.

any idea on when would I expect them to bloom? I left them in the sunroom but not in direct sunlight.
All four plants:


Thank you.

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Hi Sarah,

4th photo is not a Hoya but Stepahnotis. Certainly lovely! 1st photo is bella. 2nd one may be an australis. 3rd one it's hard to tell, because it's hard to tell the size of the leaves. In any case, it can take years to get some Hoya species to bloom, so I certainly wouldn't worry about them not blooming. Keep them happy, give them enough light and fertilize them consistenly and you should have blooms eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful foliage!

Denise in Omaha

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Thank you for the explanation. I guess I should be patient from now till they bloom.

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