best eye/edge daylilies

gdjcbNovember 11, 2012


Although, I have yet to see any in person, I really like the look of the eye/edge daylilies. I have decided to purchase about a dozen this winter for spring shipment. I do have a few questions first that I would like to ask here. As many have stated here, there are many great looking daylilies for reasonable prices, and I have found that Blueridge offers many eye/edge for $9.99. I was wondering if any one has used them and what they thought about the daylilies and service? I have noticed that many look very similar, any suggestions on what eye/edge make the best garden plants? I know I'm not listing specific plants, but I would really like to hear what you guys think are the best in the $5-$15 range. It would also be great if you could advise on other places to purchase plants. One of the problems I am having is comparing pictures. Like I said, many seem similar, how do you guys/gals compare similar blooms side by side, is there a site were this is possible? Big post I know, any response would be great, and if you could include pictures of your favorites that would also be nice. My zone is 5/6.

Thank you,


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I have found Mr. Selman at Blueridge to be a very good person to deal with. You can look back at posts on this site, or even by using google, type in the cultivar you are intereste din, and some of the old forum posts will come up. Some people remove their pics after a while. I don't, and some others don't. Look for people in your area, or post again with specific ones you are interested asking how they do in your zone.

Have fun.

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Thanks Kay, I did do a search on Blueridge and also on about a dozen of the cultivators. Of those that popped up I would say a little over half had the pictures removed. It seems like there are to many to choose from. I went back through the Blueridge offering and have narrowed my list to 37, that's down from over 70. Hopefully over the next couple of months I can get it down to 12-15 and make my order. I do have a few I know I want, Continental Holiday (Salter, 2003), Footloose Fancy (Salter, 2005), Paradise City (Stamile, 2000), Edge Of Your Seat (Yost, 2002), Venetian Barogue (Morss, 2001), and Raspberry Sickle (Gossard, 2004). These are all triple fans for 9.99, seems like a good deal.


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cavamarie(z8b/9a FL)

I just got an order from Blue Ridge; he sends really super plants, and a lot of gift plants! One of the best orders Ive ever gotten from anyone.

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I have Footloose Fancy and love it. It gets a little whiter than the picture shows in the sun. My Dad has Edge of your seat and it is pretty too. We are both in the same zone. Continental Holiday did not like the crazy weather this year.
So the blooms weren't quite as nice as they usually are. I quickly looked at their list, you might like Calico Jack, Calling All Angels, Destined to See, Hello Screamer, Hillbilly Heart is pretty but has been a bit touchy-it doesn't like to be moved,Mildred Mitchell. I've had good luck with most of those.

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Continental Holiday--doesn't like this climate (after 4 years). Bob Selman sends nice plants; just wish he would send one exceptional bonus, instead of a slew of so-so's. Paradise City still hasn't taken off.

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Lisa, Thanks for the info, Hillbilly Heart and Calico Jack are on my list, Hillbilly Heart will make my finale list for sure.
Mantis, thanks, I guess Continental Holiday needs to come off if its not doing well for both of you. I guess I just assumed when a bonus was sent that they would consider your zone, more work than bonus if you make a home for it and it does not do well or dies. Is this the case with all lily gardens or just some? I was going to make 2 purchases next year, 1 with Blueridge for spring and 1 with Maryott's for late summer because I have read so much on here about the BOGO sale and the great bonuses they give.

Thanks again,

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I only have two and they are out of your price range: they are Special Candy and Voodoo Magic. Special Candy is the only one I would recommend. There are a couple sellers on the Lily Auction that have it for $20.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Hi Gale,

Have you looked for pictures at Tinkers and Daves Garden?
As for pictures, some of the most accurate are here. I always check color descriptions as well. And do a google search to see as many different pics as possible.
Blueridge has a great selection. Another large grower is Marietta. Sunset Meadow Daylily Farm in So.Carolina has good prices and all positives at Daves Garden Watchdog.

Whenever someone here mentions a daylily as a favorite I save it. These 3 have been named and are 9.99 at Blueridge.

Canadian Border Patrol - salter'95 AM'01
Cuban Skies - trimmer'00
Festive Art - stamile'95

Desperado Love - stamile'94
Sabine Bauer - AM'05 (salter '97 or '99)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Edward, Special Candy is what I am looking for in a daylily, beautiful picture.

Iris gal, I have been using Daves garden and will check out Tinkers. Cuban Skies, Canadian Border Patrol and Sabine Baur are all on my list.

Maybe I should start another post for this question, but how do you guys/gals trim your lists to fit a reasonable budget? So many choices, I don't know how you do it.


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Do you live in an area where nights and/or early mornings are cool? Where the days in general are cool as well? If you do, I think you should bear in mind the ability of daylilies to open well, plus the effect of cool/cold on color and other features. Related: if I were you, I would focus my shopping on sellers and hybridizers who operate in regions similar to your own. I have bought from time to time from people in Washington, but that was quite a while ago, and I'm not very familiar with what's available to you. But I would expect that these people (as well as people operating in similar growing conditions) will offer what are known as CMOs (cool morning openers) and EMOs (early morning openers) plus daylilies that, in general, do well in cool climates.

Obviously, if where you live doesn't fit that description, feel free to ignore all the preceding!

I am trying to recall what someone told me about Selman's growing conditions - up there in the mountains, and thus would probably work for you. I've had plants from him in the past, and they have been 100% great. Very, very healthy, some of the cleanest plants I've ever gotten, and overall wonderful.

How to trim lists: one tactic you could take is, like I first suggested, to start shopping the lists of daylily hybridizers and nurseries in your or similar growing conditions. In theory, you won't be futilely trying to grow a daylily that you've chosen because of its enticing picture. Case in point: I grow PRECIOUS CANDY and have done so since its intro year. Since then, it's been good only a few times. When it's good, it's very, very good. And when it's bad, it ranges from uninteresting to horrid. Unless things change, I'm getting rid of it as it's so often a complete waste of space here - and in a warm, sheltered part of the garden, too!

I have some lovely eyed/edged daylilies from hybridizers in my zone and lower that I just love. Born & bred to do well in conditions like mine, they are very vigorous & hardy, and always beautiful.

Anyway, put together a list of hybridizers and growers in northern & cool areas. Hybridizers' websites for images of past intros; American Hemerocallis Society database for more images & info, also on plants in sellers' lists. Decide what you like and don't like: e.g., I don't generally care for yellow or pale yellow or beige-y or maize-y yellow daylilies with rusty reddish eyes and edges, ditto maroon-y red eyes edges. I have a few, and they serve their purpose: one is early, one is a very late, and one (which was a gift plant) is just a fabulous "do-er" that goes from early to about mid-late and always looks great, regardless of conditions. But going forward, I like and would look for bright, deep, or gaudy yellows, golds, and orange-y yellows with red eyes/edges that are not muddy (to the extent possible).

Ditto on mauves: there's a kind of a pale rose/mauve-y color I don't much care for. (I'm not sure how one should describe it.) So, because I don't go out of my way to buy plants with that base color.

All the above is kind of obvious, I know, but also one way to begin narrowing your list.

Also, visit gardens and nurseries in your area!!!!! Really, there's no better way to see what you like. I don't have enough fingers or toes to count the daylilies I thought I wanted that I was unimpressed with or thought merely OK when I saw them. Conversely, there have been so many more that I was really impressed with when I saw them -- plants I'd dismissed after giving their images a very quick glance that were so much better in real life. Plants in real life: some colors and textures don't photograph well, so going by photos only and you'll miss out on some goodies. You rarely get a true sense of plant habit, branching, bud count, placement of the flowers on the scape, and so on, from catalog pictures.

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lynxe, thank you for your post. I live in Eastern Washington which might as well be 2000 miles from the West side as far as weather goes. I have looked and found no daylily gardens or clubs in Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon or Idaho. There are a few small growers in Western Washington but again the weather and soil are totally different. We can have cold mornings up to early June and then again starting in September, but it stays 60's typically in July and August at night. We are a semi-desert in the Columbia Basin were I live, not much rain but plenty of water from well or irrigation ditch. Good soil, slightly acidic, just have to remove all the rock ( always fun, rock picking) it also drains well. For winter we often don't get much snow cover and zone 6 temps about 75% of the time and zone 5 25% of the time. We also get lots of wind.

I am new to daylilies and those pictures are very enticing. I have read enough on here and else were to know that going by a picture only, could lead to wasted money. I know I will make a few mistakes but thanks to people like you hopefully they will be limited. Thanks for the advice, its great to have people like you and all the others to learn from. I will continue to look for plants hybridized in the North.


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Gale, you can also use The All Plants Database as a source for pictures and information. Then there is Charlotte's Daylily Diary for a listing of growers with the states where they are located, plus other information that might prove helpful. Avedon

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Avedon. Thanks you, I will give both a look. Again, thanks to all of you, the amount of info you have and share is great.


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