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RedArrowManyaOctober 31, 2013

I am contacting you on behalf of Red Arrow Industries a television production company located in Knoxville, TN. We have partnered up with a home and garden television network to produce a series of vignettes for a popular name brand plant fertilizer to be aired on the aforementioned network.

I am not able to share the network or brand specifics on public forums or social media due to our policy with our client, but I am happy to elaborate on both those points with you via email.

I am currently doing casting and location scouting in the St. Augustine and Miami areas and I ran across this forum! I am hoping some of you might be a good resource for me in this endeavor.

We are currently casting 2 separate pieces. For the 1st one- we are looking for a woman with an inviting personality, great sense of style, and a quaint home garden. Think "no yard" garden. The ideal person is a bit of a "foodie" in their 30s and has an urban container garden. Think "no yard" container garden.
For the second vignette, we are looking for a young, busy, suburban family (kids in the 6-10 yr range) that has recently started gardening as a way to enjoy the outdoors together and learn more about nature and how food is grown.
The persons chosen for these stylish garden updates will not only get to share their gardening expertise on TV and meet a popular TV personality, they will also receive numerous garden accessories, supplies, and stylish decor, custom selected for their space and valued at thousands of dollars!

Is there anyone in your contact list that fits this description? If so, would you be willing to help connect me to them? Our projected shoot timeframe is in the first few weeks of January and I want to make sure they are generally available. The shoot itself will just require one shoot day (TBD).

If you or some one you know would like to be considered please have them reply to with the following:
Pictures of -
1.) Yourself (and family, if applicable)
2.) Garden area (multiple angles, please)
3.) Kitchen (multiple angles, please)
4.) Living Room (and/or sunroom, if applicable)
5.) approximate dimensions of garden area

Also, if you would like to share a little bit about why you love to garden and what you grow, that would be helpful, as well.

Many 'Thanks' for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind Regards,
~Manya Whitney-Miller

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So you want young, attractive, upwardly mobile gardeners? What a snotty show. I wouldn't watch it. Gardeners aren't always young and attractive. Most of us are older and scruffy and don't have perfect homes or yards. The ones who do pay someone else to do it.

Television is so freaking fake. Even if I fit your "perfect gardener" profile, I wouldn't be on your show. How about a show featuring REAL gardeners?

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Well, I personally think my crew of up and coming gardeners is "super incredibly good looking", even when they are covered in dirt.

Pictures sent!

(this will most likely be our Christmas card photo as well. waste not, want not)

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake

Kasima, I fail to see where the ad asks for attractive or upwardly mobile subjects. The young part is a given for the second and arguable for the first. While a person in their 30's is indeed considered young when compared to the regular attendees of gardening seminars (I felt terribly out of place at one and I'm in my early 40's. Two older ladies gave me somewhat nasty looks like I didn't belong there), they aren't really 'young' anymore. From the setups they listed, this sounds like they are playing into the growing trend of growing your own food, and sorry to say, older folks aren't what people think of when they think of trend-setters.

All that said, I checked the networks that work with this company and, yes, I have noticed that many of their shows, not all, tend to feature rather attractive 'targets' of make-overs or crashes. I'm a frequent patron of my local big box stores and its rare that I see such attractive young ladies just milling about the plumbing or garden section.

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Well, I think "Orlando-Dave' and his gorgeous family fit the bill, what a treat! Reminds me of my own brood when we were 'young', quite a long time ago, indeed... do let us know if they pick you-all, O-Dave, and we will watch you, it will bring back happy memories...thanx, sally

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Thank you for your kind words Sally. The young ins are growing up faster than my cucumbers!

I'll keep you posted.

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