And the winner of the 2012 Stout Medal is

Julia NY(6)November 10, 2012

CARNIVAL IN MEXICO - posted on the AHS Awards site.

Here is a link that might be useful: AHS Awards and Honors

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Maryl zone 7a

Humm...Looks pretty in the picture for a UF. Has anyone here grown it and have a garden picture available? Won by a pretty good margin, so it must be well liked....Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

Maryl: I just got it this year so can't report on it for my garden zone but here is a picture I took of it, late afternoon, when I was on a garden tour near Albany NY a couple of years ago. I would estimate that garden is around a zone 5. I was impressed with the clump and how well it still held up in full sun late in the day.

Also, if you do a search here on the forum, you'll find some posts of it from different gardens and hopefully others will post their pics as well.


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bambi_too(5 Ohio)

UF? It really doesn't look like it qualifies looking at that photo. There really doesn't look like a Stout award quality plant either looking at the scapes, it looks like a lot of old fashioned daylilys. Now let me explain, in the photo above it is obviously at clump strength and the bud count looks low, it is probably a "southern belle" and I can say that without even looking. Obviously though enough judges thought it was good enough, but I'll not be adding it to my garden like I have a lot of past winners.

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I know Rita grows it and has posted gorgeous pictures of it.

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It's not an UF. May look like an UF but not consistant to be called a UF.

Probably won because bagal and UF people enjoy it because it is sort of in the middle of both classes, plus it probably does well in the south as well as the North because it was hybridized in North Carolina.

I thought Heavenly Angel Ice would have won , but HAI is probably too dormant to grow in the south.

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Maryl zone 7a

Thanks Julia for the picture. That's a really good shot of it. The color still looks pretty, and the fact that it's not just a "morning" lily, but actually does well into the PM is a big plus. Personally, I like the full form better then the non-full form, but that's about the only thing I might change....Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

bambi: I actually see alot of buds if you look not only at what is blooming plus the unopened buds and then the bud scars from deadheading. I only took a partial pic of the clump so don't go by this picture alone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and what you choose to grow in your garden is suited to your taste.

Yes, Rita has posted pics of how it grows in her garden and that is what enticed me to finally get it. I've always heard good things about it.

If HEAVENLY ANGEL ICE did not win I thought it had to do more with distribution/availability so many gardeners who are judges can actually get a visual of it.

I really believe that the voting by regions for the Stout Medal should be visible to ALL and not kept secret. Then I think you can formulate some opinion why it didn't get voted on in some regions, ie all "warmer" climate regions did not vote for it versus cooler climate regions. Just my opinion.


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We do not release the information about regional voting on the Stout Medal because for that award, the cultivar with the highest number of votes wins, period. It doesn't matter how many votes it got or in how many regions, as that has NO EFFECT on the results. For those awards that require regional votes, the information is made public.

CARNIVAL IN MEXICO got votes in 10 of 15 regions, but it got by far the largest number of votes.

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bambi_too(5 Ohio)

I looked at the bud scars and the dead headed blooms. I thought HAI would do much better and I figured SHORES OF TIME to take it. SOT has been very good for me here in northern Ohio. The other thing is I'm not keen on those types of eyes either. I'm sure it did well enough in the north to merit the votes but is probably much better in the South.

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Spiderjoe, I love HAI. It grows really well for me, and I posted a lot of photos of it because it rebloomed beautifully too. You never can tell, but some of the dormant do really well here, and some don't do as well, but just okay. I am in zone 8, Central Alabama.

Here is one picture and you can see all the buds. I am a real fan of HAI.


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Julia NY(6)

Nice Kay. Good to hear in your zone it does good.

IF I didn't get MARGO REED INDEED, I would have probably gotten HIA if I could have found it.


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I had both MRI and HAI. While HAI did beautifully in my garden, MRI struggled. I may actually have lost it this year, I won't know until spring. Just goes to sho you, you don't know until you try how a plant will do for you. I have a couple of new Phil Korth's for next year. His Philistine Champion has been magnificent in my garden. (Thank you so much, Rita) Karol Emmerich intors always do well. Mabou is a wonderful plant for me (Mason). If I love the pics, I will try it.


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Margo grew readily here, but it is too soon to evaluate it. Julia, if you are still looking for HAI next year, contact me.

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I bought CARNIVAL IN MEXICO this year. It is too soon to judge performance, but I did I enjoy the blooms.
Here it is blooming in April -
CARNIVAL IN MEXICO - SANTA LUCIA, 2000 - 30",Tet,7",Dor,M,Re - pale veined rose with red eye zone and green throat -

And reblooming in June -


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Just got Carnival in Mexico this summer. I'm excited to see it bloom next year.

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I actually voted for the photo of this cultivar to win the photo competition even though I had never heard of it. I really like it. But I just checked my Canadian Daylily Availability Guide and NO ONE here even sells it. Wonder why that is.
I think a daylily should receive votes in every region to win the Stout medal. We are talking about the best daylily introduced. It should grow everywhere to be enjoyed by everyone. That's what the best of the best means to me. I had at least heard of J.T. Davis even though I can't grow it.
Just my thoughts.

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Julia NY(6)

Kathy: Nice photo of CIM.

I did notice that MARGO REED INDEED is listed as SEV but I noticed yesterday it is dying back like the dormants do. Anyone else that grows it notice the same thing?

mantis:Thank you for the offer of HAI and we shall see next year how MRI does here before I add another.

swontgirl: I'm sure someone grows CIM in your neck of the woods but not on the list you mentioned.
Good point on the Stout Medal but if a winner had to get votes in all regions, I highly doubt any of them would have won. BUT then we don't know for sure since AHS doesn't publish the breakdown by region for this particular award.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

I would love to add HAI to my garden and will maybe someday. That said, I am not impressed with the visual of the Dykes winner. I think it resembles some of my seedlings..Ha ha!! No offence intended! Ellie

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